My Daily Cleaning schedule | Free printable

My Daily Cleaning schedule | Free printable

One of my goals for this year was to be more organised – check. To be kinder to myselfcheck & to not put too much pressure on me – check. Finally, to keep on top of my house which looks ransacked on a daily basis – almost check! I totally need a daily cleaning checklist in my life! We’re only a month {& some change} into the new year and I have found that I am without a doubt, a list kind of gal. Just like the gorgeous Mrs Hinch! And like her, I get monumental amounts of joy when I tick off each job, whether it be for the blog or the housework. 

My head can feel like a landfill on most days. All kinds of things are poured in for me to either remember, do, make, empty, fold, put away. The list goes on & on – no pun intended! So it is prevalent that I need guidance via the power of the to-do list! Every day I print myself off a few checklists – my daily blog checklist and my daily cleaning schedule – both see me through the day to stay on top of the housework & keep my blog in check. 

I’ll not lie, I’ve considered hiring a cleaner. Mainly because there is just so much of it to do all the time! But then I had a word with myself and thought – maybe if we ever move I’ll look into getting an end of tenancy cleaner or something. That makes much better sense, right?

The checklists really help me to keep the distraction of the landfill fuelled mind at bay and they give me order and at the end of the day? The ability to breathe. I’ve never been one to think that Mental health plays a part in my life. But as time goes on and the more I think about it, maybe it does? I still cannot say for sure, but I know that keeping a tidy home {and blog} helps me keep a tidy mind. 

With that said, I thought I would share with you my daily schedule for cleaning, make it into a free printable – naturally – and maybe it will help you, too.

Daily Cleaning Checklist for kids

My daily cleaning schedule

I have to admit, though – keeping up with this in our madhouse has been tough! But I’m really trying. Like, really trying! I like to get the troops in on the action too. The kids need to earn their pocket money somehow, right?

Free daily cleaning schedule printable

I also understand that not everything needs doing every single day – some jobs can be weekly – but I will leave that printable for another time. The housework can sometimes be pretty overwhelming – don’t you agree? Especially with big families {like ours} and everyone contributing to the house looking like it’s been recently ransacked. Well, not anymore! 

Free daily cleaning schedule printable

Hopefully, this list will help me keep on top of the house, rather than the house kicking my ass every chance it gets! I also hope that if you were in need of some order and housework related guidance to help you stay on top of the dreaded daily housework – that it helps you too! 

You can download the free Daily cleaning checklist printable, here:

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Free daily cleaning schedule printable

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