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A little catch up, a lot of cake & some photos too!

This last few weeks have been pretty wild. From birthdays to celebration dinners, from birthday treasure hunts to Father’s day. From day trips out to playing out in the glorious sunshine we’ve been blessed with, lately. Not forgetting the kids finishing school for the summer; so it’s been all systems go lately. So I figured I’d pop on for a little catch-up, because, well, I’ve not exactly had the chance to write this style of post for a while. Better late than never… So, yes, I mentioned birthdays. Firstly, I turned the grand old age of 38 {deary me} that…

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Summer Journal plans & free printables

My children’s school finished last week for their summer holidays and we could not be more thrilled. The children {and us} have been dragging our heels more and more during those final few weeks and the kids, if anyone, needed a little time off. So far, the slow mornings have been wonderful & the bickering has been kept to a minimum, although, knowing my luck I may have just jinxed myself. Hopefully not though… On the last day of the school year, my two youngest receive their school reports. Both of them did wonderfully, I’m one proud Mama! However, there…

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Fire safety products for the family home

Ensuring that your family and home are always safe is extremely important, that’s why installing fire safety product for your home is vital to keeping your loved ones well protected. According to the fire safety in the home document on the Government’s website, faulty electrics cause around 6,000 home fires across the country every year. Candles, cigarettes and heaters are also common risks of fire in the home. London Fire Brigade mention that fires are more likely to start in your kitchen than any other room in your house, with around half of home fires being caused by cooking accidents.…

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Pizza Quesadillas – a quick & simple dish for the family

Trying to find a dish for the whole family to enjoy in our house, isn’t the easiest of tasks. But I think I may have cracked it. We all love pizza. But having pizza after pizza can be a little boring, so I tried to find different ways to serve it up. And after falling down a Pinterest-rabbit hole {admit it, it’s happened to you too!} I came across Quesadillas. I’ve never really had Mexican food before, and neither have the kids, so I was excited to give pizza – a traditional Italian dish, a Mexican twist.  Never having had…

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Tips to baby proof your home

With some exceptions to the rule, most babies start crawling and exploring their surroundings at around eight months. It is vital to have a baby proofed home, so the little ones can safely investigate what it seems to be a whole new world without harming themselves. Since “a crawling baby can cover roughly a quarter of a mile in the time it takes to make a cup of tea”, as Baby Centre mentions, the best thing to do to prevent any unwanted bruises is to have a safe home for the whole family, while still satiating the little ones’ ardent…

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Helping my kids breath easy, with Colief

There is nothing worse than when our children get a cold; and as any Parent would, we wish we could take it from them, am I right? I remember most of the times my children have had a cold – thankfully they have my immune system and it’s not that often. Maybe once a year *touches wood*, but helping them get through the day is nothing compared to getting them {and you} through the night.  I was very kindly sent some Breathe easy Patches from Colief and they could not have come at a better time, because my youngest, Annabelle…

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Combining colouring in & virtual reality with Mardles DiscovAR | Review

Who would have thought, that in 2018, our children could colour in a super fun picture and have it come to life? Like, actually come to life, with the help of virtual and augmented reality. I was kindly sent a Mardles DiscovAR pack which is where you can bring, whatever you colour in, to life.  This is such a nifty idea, so huge hats off to Sharon & James, the creators for coming up with this pretty awesome idea. You download the Mardles app, for free, and in the bundle we received, we got a 4D colouring-in book along with some…

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10 things to pack for a day at the beach

The kids break off school this week {so excited!} for their summer holidays and I am thrilled. Over the last few weeks, you could see them getting more and more tired. So they’re as ready for the summer as I am. Anything for a break from packing those lunchboxes every morning and trying to get them into school before the bell! We are now looking forward to slow mornings, picnics at the park and if the weather is kind, days out at the beach.  We absolutely love the beach and Northern Ireland has some stunning coastal beaches; so there are…

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My first NI Blogger Brunch at Eddie Rockets

Last week I was invited along to the NI Blogger Brunch at Eddie Rockets City Diner on the Lisburn Road. This was the first NI Blogger Brunch that I have attended and I have to confess – I almost didn’t go! Being under the same roof as so many bloggers, from all different styles, can {and is} a daunting experience. But I am so pleased I plucked up the courage to go.  I arrived too a 1959 Buick, styled with the Eddie Rocket colours and logo – very snazzy outside the restaurant and every blogger there was going Instagram crazy! It’s all…

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