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Birthday Gifts for the Modern Teenage Boy

Birthdays are a special occasion. There’s cake, celebrations, and of course, presents to think about. Teenagers can be a nightmare to buy gifts for. They definitely have their own likes and dislikes, but these can quickly change. If you know a teenage boy, it can be difficult to decide what to buy them for their birthday. There are some general guidelines for buying birthday presents for people. These will help. It is best to think about the boy’s personality, style and interests when deciding what gift they will like. Here are a few ideas to help: Fashion and Accessories Teenagers…

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Date outfit ideas {for men & women}

I have something to confess. I haven’t been on many dates. Or I hadn’t been on many dates until I met my Husband. I guess the whole concept of going on a date frightened the life out of me – am I alone with that feeling? Expectations are always high, do you dress to be comfortable or do you dress to impress? Do you dress for a night out or for something a little more fun & casual? THERE IS JUST TO MUCH PRESSURE when it comes to dressing yourself for a date.  I am going to share a few…

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4 Must-Try Winter Activities in Tasmania

The rugged beauty of Tasmania is one of the major reasons why it draws attention to people from across the globe. With its enchanting scenery, tons of exhilarating activities, and awesome attractions you will definitely have an unforgettable trip here. It will always be a great idea to choose this destination when going on a vacation, especially during the winter season. Apparently, Tasmania becomes more alluring in winter. You can have plenty of enjoyable things to do in the region while the air is crisp and snow dust fall from the mountains and trees. Listed below are some of the…

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My time at a Digital Drop-in with Post Office UK & Google Digital Garage

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be flown over to London, to attend a Digital Drop-in session that was being run by Post Office UK & Google Digital Garage. I wrote a post before the event, informing you where it was going to be & where to sign up if you were interested in attending. The digital drop-in session that I attended was held in the upper floor of the Hackney Library in London – which has the loveliest Children’s section might I add. With it’s smaller bookcases and colourful decor, it really did make me smile. In…

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Easy Pizza Toast with National Bread Week 2018

As a Super Busy Mum – ah ha! Do you see what I did there? I am always looking for quick and simple meal ideas for lunches, dinners or even a quick & easy after-school snack. You may have caught my post last week, sharing a delicious batch of rainbow sandwiches for National Bread Week. My youngest daughter is a big fan and loves finding them in her lunch box – they are super healthy too, which is a winner.  I touched based on what National bread week is over on my previous post, so I won’t go over it…

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Wooly knits, fluffy socks & roaring fires – Hello Autumn!

Autumn has to be hands down, my favourite season of the year. It’s just something about all the colours it brings – the gloriously vibrant reds, yellows & browns. It gives us just the boost we need before Winter settles in and our days have very little light, we go through candles like nobodies business & hot chocolates become a daily treat.  With each season, we have a wardrobe – would you agree? Being in Northern Ireland, we could have an Autumnal wardrobe all year round – we come compulsory with blue-tinted skin over these parts. But nothing beats being able…

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A million pounds richer & the world to travel – where do we go first?

Ok, so the subject of this blog is not fact – I wish! However, just for a second, close your eyes, wish it and with the world at your actual feet – where would you go first? It’s a tough decision to make, right? Or perhaps you have had a place that you’ve longed to go to forever and your first-holiday destination has been made!  Perhaps you’d love to visit Bora Bora or visit the Pyramids in Egypt. Maybe Walt Disney World has been on your travel bucket list forever and a day – the list of amazing places to…

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Delicious Rainbow Sandwiches – National Bread Week 2018

When I was wee, there was always one staple food {OK, being Irish there was more than one!} but the bread was always on the side of our plate during dinner. My Mum would always ask “Would you like a wee bit of bread & butter with your dinner?” – of course, I said yes every time and I have carried that delicious side order treat out ever since.  However, now that I have children of my own I do try to make mealtimes a little healthier, and for my school-aged children, I try to make their school lunch boxes…

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Dealing With Kids, Work, and Your Significant Other: A Balancing Act

Being a mother can be a thankless job at times with everyone wanting something but nobody wants to help out. Those mothers that also have a full-time career have quite the balancing act on their hands. The balance between maintaining a thriving career can take its toll on the family if not managed properly. Kids and a career are both things that need a lot of time and attention. Your significant other can be lost in this so maintaining a healthy relationship with them as well needs to be a priority. The following are tips that will allow a mother…

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