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Hogwarts express ticket style party invitation {Templates included!}

It’s no surprise, that I love to organise my children’s parties. Recently, I shared a post here on the blog about planning my daughters 13th Harry Potter Birthday party and today? I’m sharing how I put together her Hogwarts express ticket style party invitation.  They were super simple to make and throughout this post, I’ll share with you where I found the templates I used for both the ticket and the envelope. As well as sharing where I found the extra bits to make the invitations magical.  First of all, as I’ve mentioned many times before, I absolutely love a…

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Aqua Dragons Deep Sea Habitat | Review

When I was little, I remember sporting a very cool watch that had a bubble on the top and it housed sea monkeys. My friends thought it was the coolest thing and I have to admit, I did too. Nowadays, fast forwarding 30yrs, Aqua Dragons are now the new cool aquatic creature to hatch & grow. Firstly, I want to get it out there that sea monkeys are not Aqua Dragons. What are Aqua Dragons? They are brine shrimp. Much like Sea monkeys, but they are two different genomes of the same species.  It has been quite a few years…

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What’s my Home style? #MyInteriorStyling

Our home will never be a showroom home, but it will forever be cosy, lived in and filled with laughter and love. That I am sure of. We have lived here, in this house, for almost eight years and we have painted some rooms once. We’ve never got round to changing the carpets and if I’m honest, the lino in the kitchen has to go. But even with her imperfections, we have made this slightly rough looking house, a home. I have styled our home little by little – a bit of bunting here, some fairy lights there, a gorgeous…

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Our bedtime routine with Moshi Twilight Sleep Stories app | Review

After a crazy busy day – which is most days in our house. Wind down time is by far, my favourite part of the day. Everyone has nice filled bellies from dinner, we’ve all had a little chill time. Now it’s time to get ready for bed. I don’t ask my children to bath every night, because it’s just not necessary. However, having a good bedtime routine in the evenings is {in my opinion} very important. I think I have mentioned this somewhere else on my blog, but due to have three children at home, at different ages, our bedtime…

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Challenged to double my recyclable waste with the #irecycleright campaign

Recycling is such an incredibly important thing, not only for us to do as human beings – but for our children to learn, too. I’ll be honest, I was never a good recycler, until quite recently and it’s now something I do religiously. It is also something that I make sure my children join in with, also. It’s best that they learn now, while they’re young, how to recycle.  I am taking part, alongside the Antrim and Newtownabbey Council on their #irecycleright campaign. We have been challenged to double the amount of waste we recycle at home. We’ve also been given…

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Instagram moments captured in an album with Colorland | Review

Instagram has always been my favourite social media platform. Sure, we’ve had our ups & downs due to algorithms changing and what not. But the love for it is still there. Plus, I love a square cropped photo, don’t you? However, in case you weren’t aware already – because I literally just found out recently myself – you can make your images in portrait on Instagram now. Which, I knew you could do before, but it looked messy with the gaps at the side. Now there are zero gaps and it gives you a little more room for creativity beyond the square…

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Meccano Rally Racer | Review

When I was little, I loved to build. It was something I got from my Dad because he was forever getting my Brother & I Lego. Which has resulted in my children having the very same Lego, in the same treasure chest that I used to play with. Which is pretty amazing. However, fast forward 30yrs {and some change!} and you can build all sorts nowadays. Which, I personally find quite exciting. It’s like we are trying to programme our children {in a non-robotic kind of way} to fall in love with engineering, building things and making it move. It’s…

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Capture your own Cornish Pixie from Harry Potter | Tutorial

This June, my first daughter, my eldest daughter, turns thirteen. Which just blows my mind! The day Ellie was born was a beautiful one and now that she is almost an ‘official’ teenager is – I won’t lie – it makes me a little emotional. Since she was little I have always thrown her a themed birthday party. It’s something that I really love doing and this year she asked me for a Harry Potter birthday party. But, in pre-teen style, requesting just little hints of magic rather than full-blown Hogwarts! Again, I won’t lie, I may have caused a minor…

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Football Games Table from Chad Valley | Review

Football isn’t a sport that I am a particular fan of, but it is something I was raised with. Most of my family support Manchester United, and there are one or two within the family who support, Liverpool. You can imagine the atmosphere when those teams play against each other! It’s much like how my children get on when they play against one another. They were recently sent out a Football Games Table from Chad Valley to enjoy and it’s been a godsend on those rainy afternoons.  This particular football table is perfect for the little ones in the family…

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