School dinner Caramel tart recipe

School dinner Caramel tart recipe

When I was at school – many, many moons ago now. I remember it all, from the school halls and the classrooms, the popular kids and the bullies. I remember the popular hangout areas, such as the canteen like it was yesterday but more than that, I remember the desserts! From the delicious sponge squares with jam and coconut on top, to the classic ice-cream & jelly. But if I was to pick out one particular dessert favourite from my school days? It is hands-down, without a doubt, the caramel tart! So I thought I’d have a go at remaking this school-day masterpiece myself and introduce it to my own kids.Β 

After finding a recipe online, it turns out it is super easy to make and you need just three ingredients!

caramel tart recipe

Ingredients for School Dinner Caramel Tart

Shortcrust pastry

A tin of Caramel Carnation condensed milk

Chocolate sprinkles

It is that simple. When I made this, I cannot tell you how excited I was. I say this because, when my kids and I visit Castlerock – we always pop into our favourite bakery ‘Ruths’ for their caramel tart squares. I am convinced these are those as they taste almost exactly the same.

School dinner Caramel Tart recipe

Making your school dinner caramel tart

The method for this recipe is so easy, that it’s ridiculous. All you need to do is place your shortcrust pastry onto a baking tray and curl up the edges. You bake it in the oven for 10-12 minutes or until golden brown. For the shortcrust pastry, just follow the on-pack instructions.

You then pour on your tin of caramel condensed milk and spread across the pastry. Lastly, add your chocolate sprinkles and place into the fridge to chill.Β 

It’s that easy.

School dinner Caramel tart recipe

School dinner caramel tart recipe

School dinner caramel tart recipe

This is a super, duper simple recipe to whip together and it tastes incredible. I do think my shortcrust pastry needs to be a tad thicker on the bottom to give it more of a biscuit-esk crunch. But otherwise, it’s perfect and tastes just like we’ve just bought it from Ruth’s Bakery in Castlerock.Β 

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