Planning a Harry Potter Birthday party {& a little look back at past parties!}

If you follow my blog, or over on social media, you’ll know that I love to organise a birthday party. More importantly, a themed birthday party! And even though they may not turn out as Pinterest-worthy as I hoped {do they ever?} they still turn out pretty great.

Doing these themed birthday parties started back when I asked my eldest girl, who was only 5 at the time, what cake she’d like for her birthday party {she asked me for a 2-tired Minnie mouse cake!}. I had never baked a proper professional looking birthday cake before and she was asking me for a 2-tiered cake! Not being the type of person to run away from a creative challenge, I gave it a go. I managed to pull it off {much to my own surprise} and I made my Minnie mouse loving girl very happy. 

Thus the birth of doing themed birthday parties for my children. Since the Minnie mouse party I have put together the following for my kids:

There are a few parties that I didn’t write about because they were pre-blog! But I’ll share some photos…

Under the sea party

Krusty Krab Birthday cake

Peacock birthday cake

Sophia the first birthday party

Pirates & Princess party

Football cake

Minecraft birthday party

Finding Dory Birthday party

I love a good theme and that little girl who once asked her Mummy for a 2-tiered Minnie Mouse cake is turning 13 in a few months. Thirteen! And surprisingly she has given me a theme for her officially becoming a teenager, party! She knows how to make her Mummy happy because I am pretty sure I let out a squeak of excitement followed by diving straight into Pinterest for inspiration! 

She has asked for a Harry Potter birthday party and as a lover of the Hogwarts world myself, I am so {so!} excited to make her birthday wish a reality for her. Do you fancy a little sneak peek and what I hope to put together? 

The DIY Quidditch game is something that looks like so much fun – so I’m looking forward to making that. The rest of it will be little touches, like, sorting house cupcakes, chocolate frogs {you can buy the chocolate frog mould from Amazon} & golden snitch Ferrero Rocher! 

With only 3 months to go until party day, you can be sure I huddled happily in a corner, up to my eyeballs in Hogwarts letters and DIY facecloth Hedwigs! I cannot wait to share with you how it all pans out. Even if it doesn’t come out as Pinterest-worthy as I imagine {as always!} it’ll still turn out pretty magical! 

Have you ever thrown or been to a Harry Potter birthday party? 


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