A weekend of birthday celebrations {Ellie turns 12!}

What a weekend! It’s safe to say that we’re all a little bit tired after the last few days. It was full on, super busy but also lots & lots of fun. It all kicked off on Friday, which was my eldest daughter’s birthday. I wrote a blog post called Twelve if you’d like to check that out. We showered her in balloons, confetti, cards and love before she went off to school for the day.

Thankfully, Friday was quite relaxing because I was able to prep a little for the party day {on Saturday} and attempt to get our house into order. Our home is constantly falling into utter chaos and sometimes I just wish you could shake it like an etch-a-sketch and start all over again! Do you ever wish that? Of course, you do!

To celebrate Ellie turning twelve, we got a squad of family & friends together to enjoy a lovely meal at Cosmo in Victoria Square, Belfast. This venue was upon Ellie’s request and let’s be honest, you can’t go wrong with an all-you-can-eat buffet dinner! I even organised a birthday message to come over the speakers {Birthday song included!} in an attempt to embarrass her, but she wasn’t phased one little bit.

Dinner was a success which meant the next day was to be party day. By this point, which was 10pm at night I still hadn’t baked her cake nor had I everything ready for the following day. Looking back I’ll be honest, I do this to myself every single time. I am only one little person & I am forever taking on far too much. But somehow I manage to pull it off, every single time. Bar the cake {this time} – I’m good but I lacked in a Tardis to allow me more time, sadly!

Birthday girl

Confetti cannon

I think it is safe to say that Ellie had a real birthday fueled weekend. From her presents, dinner with family & friends, having a disco in a Party Hummer {from Keith’s Limos} and having a fun sleepover with some of her closest friends. By Sunday lunchtime I was a broken woman, but my girl was happy and that was my main goal. 

Now I can have a little breather before my little Jacob’s 9th birthday in August – he’s after a football themed party, so I had best get planning! 



  1. 22/06/2017 / 2:22 PM

    My birthday was also over the weekend! You spoilt your daughter and gave her such an incredible weekend I bet she is absolutely chuffed with how much effort you put in to make it an amazing few days!

    • 22/06/2017 / 2:32 PM

      Aww, Happy Birthday for over the weekend! Did you have a good one? I did spoil her, I always do with the kids. Birthdays are so, so important and I do go a bit overboard – I’m just pleased the kids know it makes me happy to go a bit mad! lol!

  2. Hannie
    22/06/2017 / 2:28 PM

    Jaxon hits 3 in a few weeks and I’m trying to figure out what to do for his birthday (although I did order a Paw Patrol balloon today so that’s one thing done!).
    Looks like Miss Ellie had a great time! Dinner out with her friends sounds lovely and grown up!

    • 22/06/2017 / 2:33 PM

      How is little Jaxon almost three!! Gosh, that’s mental! Paw Patrol is an epic theme, good job on ordering the balloon! Good luck with the rest of the planning!

      • Hannie
        22/06/2017 / 3:11 PM

        I know insane isn’t it?? I have a picture Blu-tacked to my computer at the moment. One side was taken last year and one was taken a few weeks ago. In the recent one he looks like a proper little boy instead of a baby. Crazy times! Then again Miss Annabelle looks crazy grown up since her hair cut.

  3. 22/06/2017 / 3:27 PM

    Oh wow! What a wonderful celebration you threw. I’m sure your girl had the best day! I’m busy planning my daughters 3rd birthday. I find it so much fun, if a little stressful Xx

  4. 22/06/2017 / 7:05 PM

    Wow, 12?! That happened quickly. The party looks so fab – I’m all over planning a birthday party!! Love the confetti canon pic, really fun x

  5. 26/06/2017 / 9:09 PM

    Your photos are awesome for one! But you put a whole lot of effort into this birthday and it looks like she had a great one 🙂

    Rebecca, libfemblog.com xo

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