My Pre-Christmas 15-day detox plan

My Pre-Christmas 15-day detox plan

Every year, for the past few years now, I have given myself a pre-Christmas detox. Starting on this very date because today marks 15 days remaining of November before Christmas trees everywhere go up and Micheal Buble appears from his cave!

Speaking of the whole detox thang! I don’t know about you, but I much prefer the word detox to ‘diet’. I am well aware that they’re different in their own ways but I guess both have a similar end goal. Christmas time is a time for eating & drinking far too much and I think having a little pre-Christmas detox isn’t such a bad idea.

I think having a detox before Christmas is a good move – maybe even a smart move. I’ll be preparing my body for the excessive amounts of roast potatoes dipped in gravy {delicious!} and sneaky bars of chocolate from the children’s selection boxes. Especially the chomps & curly wurly’s {my favourites!}. Not to mention the peanuts, occasional drink – Southern Comfort is my tipple! And of course, more roast potatoes dipped in gravy {I can’t resist!}. 

Although let’s be real, we cannot forget the endless turkey sandwiches, Yorkshire puddings, desserts such as cheesecakes and chocolate sponge sprinkling our tables. The amount of food we can consume over the festive period is insane! But, it brings us joy right? 

So, what is a Detox? It is essentially a dietary cleanse. Removing all of the backed-up toxins and stored waste from the digestive system. A detox can help organs work harder {by cutting out foods, thus lessening their work load} allowing them to work harder to eliminate everything stored in there already. A detox gives your body a break {always nice to do!} and allows your organs to work at maximum functionality.

I personally need this detox – I have been such a greedy Mummy pig over the last month or so that I can feel the pounds coming back on already. But hopefully, in doing this pre-Christmas detox, it will help me from getting the post-Christmas slumps!

My pre-Christmas detox plan is to do the following;

– Drinking a glass of warm lemon water in the morning & evening. This help to cleanse the liver.

– Drinking 6 glasses of regular water throughout my day. Which helps to keep your kidneys functioning beautifully.

– Add vegetables to every meal {I am naughty when it comes to vegetables!}.

– Eat more fruit. {see veggies for similar naughtiness}.

– Reducing my consumption of bread, potatoes, and anything dairy {this is going to be the kicker!}.

I think all of those are pretty achievable bar the reducing the consumption of bread & potatoes and anything dairy part. I think I am going to have to meal plan my days to what I can & cannot have for my 15-day detox.

The cancelling out bread & potatoes is going to be particularly tough for me – I’m Irish for goodness sake! I was raised on bread & spuds! But I guess if you don’t really try at something then you’ll never know the benefits they can have on your body. Besides, doing this will help me not only feel better but I’ll not feel like a complete Christmas hog during my month-long feeding fest!! 

Do you give your body a wee cleanse before Christmas? 

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