5 Christmas traditions to start with your Partner

5 Christmas traditions to start with your Partner

My partner and I currently have zero Christmas traditions. Isn’t that sad? This year will be our fifth Christmas together and not one tradition have we started. But I can tell you that this year will be different as this year we are starting our own traditions, just for us, and I cannot wait. So here are my top 5 Christmas traditions to start with your partner this year.

Stocking stuffers!

Parents don’t generally get a Christmas stocking. Or do they and we’re the only ones? So I think it would be lovely to gift each other with one either on Christmas eve or on Christmas morning. You decide. Make your partner feel appreciated and loved by giving them a little selection of goofy yet thoughtful gifts stuffed into their own stocking.

Christmas PJs!

Every year why not buy your partner {and they buy you} something to wear on Christmas eve. Knowing my partner, I know what he’ll buy {haha!}.

One year could be ‘naughty’ & the other year could be ‘comfy’ etc. It’s just something fun and thoughtful and you could wrap them up and leave them on your partner’s pillow.

Christmas bauble exchange!

I am loving the new Christmas bauble tradition that we’re starting with the children this year, so why not have one with your partner.

Get creative, make it thoughtful {does not have to be expensive! It’s a bauble!} but it’s just such a lovely sentiment and each year you’ll have them to look back on, remember smile and fall in love all over again. Soppy I know, but hey…it’s almost Christmas! 

Write each other a letter!

I think this is a sweetheart of an idea. Nothing screams thoughtful like putting pen to paper. Nowadays we’re so used to texting, Whatsapp and email that the beauty of an old-fashioned letter has got lost along the way.

So write a lovely letter with a yearly recap of the things you’re thankful to them for. You could even pop it in the post to arrive on Christmas eve.

The night before Christmas! 

Let’s face it, as soon as Christmas morning arrives that day is solely dedicated to the children. So make sure you got everything you need doing on Christmas eve is done as early as you possibly can {after the little ones are in bed of course} and enjoy each others company. Order a takeaway, turn on those Christmas lights & revel in the magic of Christmas before the madness of wrapping paper, hugs & excited children descend.

Do you & your partner have a special Christmas traditions?

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9 thoughts on “5 Christmas traditions to start with your Partner”

  • Some good ideas there … Christmas is just so stressful that you often forget to just chill out with your partner and just enjoy each others time. Agent D and i are having to book time with each other just now which isnt good. Cant wait for Christmas to be over tbh xxx

  • Lovely ideas! I do stockings. This has generally resulted in a panic by him every Christmas Eve when he remembers that I always do him a stocking & thinks that he probably should have done me one! I have always ended up with a Christmas Eve rush to finish sorting and wrapping presents in evening, but this year really want to get it done beforehand, as I was also thinking would be nice to do something together. #MMWBH

  • Lovely idea to do something special as a couple to mark Christmas. We don’t have any traditions, mainly because I haven’t insisted on any and I doubt my husband would think of it! I like the idea of a Christmas eve as a twosome and also having a stocking. I feel like my husband could use some extra appreciation after our first full busy year as parents, I might have to institute something from your list as our first Christmas tradition 🙂 #MMWBH

  • Great suggestions, Debs. I love the letter writing idea. I’ll definitely be starting that with my husband this year. Great tip on making Christmas eve a “just ours” night. I never even thought about it that way, but you’re right: it’s all about the kids the next day, so why not make a habit of making Christmas Ever our own?

    Thanks for sharing and for hosting us on #mmwbh this week! Hope you’re having a great week 🙂

  • You know what, when I think about oit, Gill and I have no Christmas traditions ,or certainly none we do with each other. I shall give this some thought. I can’t, however, imagine her writing me a letter! #MMWBH

  • We don’t have any ‘couple’ Christmas traditions, but think its a great idea to start some. Like you, all our focus tends to be on the kids, and the friends and family who spend it with us. Think its really easy to forget to take a moment for each other!

  • We’ve been married eight and a half years now. Apart from last year (and Our Sidekick’s first Christmas with us) which was both slightly different in their own ways, Christmas Day is us at home. We then visit Chris’s Aunt, and the respective parents between Christmas and New Year – or something Christmas and everything sort of going back to normal – I think one year our Christmas bit with Chris’s parents was like the 20th February because the day we were supposed to go I was sick and then when we could reschedule between work patterns etc that was the next free date lol.

    We didn’t use to do stockings but when Jaxon was born we decided to do it. We each have a pillowcase with our names on (actually I need to get them out and make sure that the names are still stuck on lol). I tend to sort the basics for all the stockings and then the rest for the boys. Chris then does mine and maybe some extra bits for Our Sidekick and Jaxon. It would be nice if Chris did one of the boys and mine and I did the other as well as his but that would probably end up with a difference in what was in each one. It’s easier to do four of this and three of that and then leave it to Chris lol.

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