Christmas Eve Box Ideas

Christmas Eve Box Ideas

Christmas is such an exciting time of year for all ages, but there is something undeniably magical about injecting more excitement into it all for our children. This is where the magic of a Christmas Eve box comes into it and more importantly, Christmas eve box ideas! A few years ago I had never even heard of this tradition, yet now? Everyone is doing them and I think it’s such a lovely idea to give to your children on the night before Christmas.

So what do you even put into a Christmas eve box? Here’s the thing…you can put anything you like into it! There is a huge selection of Christmas eve box ideas out there – just make it awesome!

Here is what I would put into my children’s Christmas eve box each year, with a few new ones getting put in this Xmas!

Christmas eve box ideas
Festive/Cosy PJ’s

Who doesn’t love new sleepwear! Kids are no different.

Fluffy socks

Nothing beats a pair of fluffy socks to keep the cold away from your toes!

Reindeer food

Something for the kids to sprinkle on the lawn before bedtime.

Peek-a-boo Santa Bubble bar from Lush

Nothing beats a bath before bed, but in my opinion, a bath isn’t a bath without bubbles and no one does bubbles better than Lush. Their Christmas range at the moment is marvellous.

A Christmas stocking

This is put into the box so your child{ren} can hang it up for Santa to pop a few surprises into as they sleep.

Christmas movie

This is a must on Christmas eve. Nothing sets the mood more than a good old-fashioned Christmas movie to enjoy together as a family.


Treats for the Christmas movie.ย Of course!

Mug with hot chocolate sachets

Nothing warms the tummy faster than a delicious hot chocolate topped with cream & marshmallows.

Christmas tree decoration

This is one of the new things I’ll be adding to my children’s Christmas eve boxes this year, a decoration for the tree. I think it’s a lovely thing to do! {It’s also one of my Christmas traditions to start doing with my partner too}.

Christmas activity book

My children always love doing some Christmas activity word searchesย or spot the differenceย or even a little colouring in on Christmas eve.

And as another extra for this years Christmas eve boxes, I made the children these really sweet & fun YOU’RE ON THE NICE LIST certificate from Santa Claus himself {wink}.

Santa nice list certificate
I have made it into a downloadable link of you’d like one{s} for your children to put into their Christmas eve boxes this year too. Just click here to be taken to the post, choose your colour and print!

Is there anything you would add to a Christmas eve box that hasn’t been mentioned above?ย 


6 thoughts on “Christmas Eve Box Ideas”

  • This is really lovely! We haven’t done this, this year as mia is only 2 and just starting to understand everything that’s going on but I will definitely be starting this tradition next year! I love the reindeer food idea ๐Ÿ™‚


  • Oh I love the reindeer food, that’s adorable! Actually, it looks quite tasty for human consumption ๐Ÿ˜‰ We always just left out a carrot, but I really think Rudolph would prefer oats… Such a lovely idea to do the Christmas Eve box, I’m excited for when my little one is old enough to get excited about Christmas and we can really get into the spirit of things. #MMWBH

  • We love Christmas eve, it really is such an exciting time and a huge part of Christmas, in some ways I enjoy it more than the big day! We always buy the children some Christmas pyjamas and leave them on their beds for them. We always make Christmas eve afternoon family time. We leave the computers and ipads, snuggle up with the kids, watch Christmas films and have lots of foodie treats x #BrilliantBlogPosts

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