My 2018 Christmas Gift Guide!

Before I get into the joyous and festive gift ideas that I have to share with you guys, can we just take a second and ask ourselves  – WHERE DID 2018 GO!? I mean, I know there are still a few weeks of this year left, but seriously…wasn’t it New Years like, 2 months ago? 

I’m literally shocked by HOW FAST this year has gone. 

Shocked appearance aside…IT’S ALMOST CHRISTMAS! With Christmas brings endless amounts of roast potatoes {my favourite}, turkey, stuffing, hand-written cards from everyone in your child’s Primary school class, decorating your Christmas tree, watching festive movies and so much more! Not to mention buying gifts for all the family – so I have some really lovely gift ideas to share with you guys. I do hope this Christmas gift guide gives you some inspiration – even a little bit! 

Cozmo the Robot from Anki

We reviewed Cozmo the Robot a while ago and he is still very loved in our home. Cozmo is a palm-sized robot with a big brain and an even bigger personality. If you have ever seen Wall-E, then you’ll get an idea of what Cozmo is like – the only difference being, he’s yours! 

Cozmo Robot Review

Cozmo is super cute, and with his range of games, it’s hard to put him away and even harder not to fall in love with him. Through play his personality develops, he can be left to get up to his own things i.e stack his smart cubes, knock them over, stare at yours with his gorgeously big cartoonish blue eyes – then surprise you by saying your name! 

Cozmo the Robot will cost you around £199 and due to the tech built into him and the amount of play he provides – for us – he is totally worth the money. 

Johnson’s Bathtime Set

First gift idea I have for you gorgeous bunch is the Johnsons Bathtime Gift Set – this little gift set is full of all of the baby essentials you could ever need when it comes to bathtime. However, I have to say, this stuff isn’t just for babies because us grown-ups love it too. I mean, have you smelt it? Divine! 

Christmas gift guide ideas

I don’t think you can ever go wrong for this sort of gift, especially for a new Mum or a new baby! It’s currently available over on Amazon for £10 – but it’s also available it loads of other stores, too. 

Personalised Christmas Sacks from Harrow & Green

Christmas gift guide ideas

Christmas morning can be pretty mental, am I right? Presents everywhere! However, this year, the kids will have their own personalised Letterpress Christmas sacks from Harrow & Green. These are really lovely, so well made and the personalisation is such a nice touch. These hessian sacks are suitable for all ages and they measure 80cm x 50cm. 

Christmas Gift Guide 2018

With these Letterpress Christmas sacks, you also have an option to add a superb fabric trim, either; Red gingham, Ticking & Tartan. The trim isn’t optional but it’s a nice touch if that’s the sort of look you are going for. The names are printed in red, block capital letters and placed in the centre of the sack. 

These really are gorgeous and we’ve never had any personalised Letterpress Christmas sacks before but I have a feeling they will make this Christmas morning a little more special. 

Jofli Bear

A few weeks ago, my daughter brought home a teddy from school. One of those teddies with a little book, that you had to take on adventures over the weekend and jot it all down in its little book. All ready to return to school on Monday. Letting that teddy go wasn’t easy for Miss Belle – is it for yours? Anyways, there is now this adorable little guy; Jofli bear! And the best part, you can keep him! 

Christmas gift guide ideas

He not only comes with his own dapper hat and cute little backpack but in that backpack, you get his own little adventures book and a pen! So cute! You also have the choice of documenting his adventures online as well as in his book – which I think is a fun idea. 

Christmas gift guide ideas

To top that all off, Jofi even has his own range of outfits – he has a cute rainy day coat for when the rain is visiting, birthday t-shirts and so much more. He is a proper little adventuring friend. 

Christmas gift guide ideas

Christmas gift guide ideas

Jofli is such a cute little bear and Annabelle could not love him more! He now has to go everywhere we go – so if you have a little one who loves things like this, Jofli bear may buy the best gift they get this Christmas! RRP £50.00

Orla Kiely Watch

Christmas gift guide ideas

When I was younger, I had quite the collection of watches. Watches that I could change the straps and faces, watches I could wear around my neck of as a ring on my finger. I even had a watch that doubled up as a calculator and made me feel very Back to the Future! It seems times haven’t changed much {excuse the pun} because I still have a love for watches and especially for this gorgeous Orla Kiely ladies watch from 

Christmas Gift Guide 2018

It comes with the classic Orla Kiely steam pattern and has a beautifully slender rectangular watch face. As well as the iconic design, I can’t help but adore a good tan leather strap on a watch – which I understand might be a massively nerdy thing to say…about a watch. But if you understand, we’re kindred spirits! This watch also comes with a sturdy, hard case watch box to store your watch in when it’s not being worn and a 2year guarantee, which is an extra little bonus. Thanks, Orla! 

Nerf N-Strike Elite Infinus

As a family, we can never turn down a good Nerf war in this house. We have quite the arsenal of our own when it comes to our Nerf collection. But this Christmas, we are adding to it with the Nerf N-Strike Elite Infinus – which is quite the mouthful, but man, this latest Nerf gun is a BEAST! 

With motorized speed-load technology that automatically loads darts in the drum, of which you can fit thirty! I think this is going to be a pretty EPIC addition to our Nerf collection. You can even reload the drum without removing it from the gun! I mean, talk about on-the-go Nerf war fun! 

The Nerf N-Strike Elite Infinus is compatible with most other Nerf drums & clips {each sold separately} – this monster of a Nerf gun is perfect for kids aged 8yrs & up! 

Monopoly Cheaters Edition

So, you know we love a good nerf war, but we also love a good game of monopoly too. We have quite a few editions of the board game, from World of Warcraft, Pokemon etc {I also have my eyes on the Doctor who one!}. But for this Christmas, I am bringing you another edition with a pretty cool twist – Monopoly Cheaters Edition

Christmas gift guide ideas

The aim to this version of the classic board game is to follow, break & bend the rules to win the game. The goal is to get away with as many cheats as possible. This could be skipping out on paying rent, fake a dice roll, steal money from the bank and even steal someone’s hotel {there are no houses in this edition – only hotels!} from their land! 

If you manage to pull off a cheat, you get a reward. Fail to pull off a cheat, then you have to pay the consequences! If you get caught, unlike previous versions where your little character gets put into jail – in this edition you are actually handcuffed to the board with plastic handcuffs. 

Tower Toaster

Staying in the kitchen theme, you can never beat a good toaster and especially one with a variable browning control! I am very particular about my toast and it just had to be perfect – this gorgeous rose gold Stainless steel toaster from Tower Housewares is perfect. 

Copper Stone pans

Christmas gift guide ideas

As a Mum, I cook a lot and if I’ve realised anything it’s that I need a cooker double the size to cook for my bunch! However, I’ll also settle for half decent frying pans – speaking of which, check out these gorgeous copper stone pans. I swear, since I started using these, none of my other frying pans even come close! They fry beautifully and clean so, so well. They are now literally, my favourite kitchen accessory. 

Christmas gift guide ideas

These copper stone pans have super hard-wearing construction, ultra non-stick technology, they have a dynamic heat dispersion and have a beautiful moulded wood-effect handle. I absolutely love these copper stone pans and I can see the rest of my pans becoming obsolete! 

Tower Bottega Kettle

This is a rapid boil traditional style Botega kettled from Tower and shall I let you into a little secret? I LOVE IT! It’s so pretty and stays true to the rapid boil feature {thanks to the 3000W} because I have never had a cup of tea in my hand quicker – since having this beauty! 

Christmas gift guide ideas

With its 1.7L capacity, it’s quiet boil operation, 360-degree swivel base and being perfect for both left & right handed folks – it really is a great kettle! Not forgetting to mention that there are matching items in the Tower ‘Botega’ range! 

Jack-Jack Attack Interactive Toy 

If you haven’t seen Incredibles 2 yet, then you are seriously missing out! The star of the first movie for me was – hands down – Jack-Jack. In the sequel, Jack-Jack steals the show once again and he is by far, my favourite character in the movies. 

Christmas gift guide ideas

This Jack-Jack Attack allows you to recreate everyone’s favourite part of the movie – the Backyard Invader! From combusting into flames and shooting lasers from his eyes, that poor racoon didn’t know what hit him. You press of Jack-Jacks tummy and watch him attack with all he can muster. This is a super cute toy and for £39.99 – it’s not a bad price either. RRP £39.99


A few Christmas’s ago, I remember buying my bunch a few circus items – mainly with the intention of improving certain skills. Whether that be their balance, their hand/eye coordination and so forth – plus, those kinds of toys could never, not be fun! Which is why I love this next item I’m sharing with you! Pindaloo is a ‘get in the loop’ sort of toy.

Christmas gift guide ideas

It’s a simple game that challenges your hand-eye coordination as well as improving your concentration, strength and even your focus! Your first challenge is to master the simple loop, coordinate the ball out, catch it on the other side and keep it going for as long as you can. Trust me when I say – it is much harder than it looks! But it’s also impressively additive. Once you’ve mastered that trick, you can move on to learn more Pindaloo tricks or even developing your own. RRP £9.99

Crate Creatures

Crate Creatures are super cute & funny friend for your child. They come in a super cute crate and you’re supplied with a little crowbar to allow you to open it.

Blizz - Crate Creature review

Once you open the crate, your crate creature will pop out. You can pull their tongue, you can record your own message for them to repeat back in their own monstrous voice. Another cool feature is the internal motion sensor – so they will make funny noises when they are shaken, knocked over or lying down. 

There is a range of Crate Creature Surprise toys to collect! RRP £31.99

Willie’s Cacao – Sweet Dreams Hamper

If chocolate doesn’t make a good gift at Christmas, then I don’t know what will! This Willie’s Cacao Sweet Dreams Hamper is a perfect gift idea for chocolate lovers. Not just any chocolate lovers, though – but rich chocolate lovers! 

Christmas gift guide ideas

Rich chocolate isn’t my thing – but the items in this hamper are not available in the shops. The items you will find in the Willie’s Cacao Sweet Dreams Hamper is: Hazelnut Chocolate spread {300g}, Hot chocolate powder {Chulucanas 50% & 2oog Dark chocolate}, a Golden pod, with passion fruit caramel pearls. Milk of the Gods, El Blanco & Raspberry & cream bars and two single estate dark chocolate bars {50g per bar}. RRP £29.99

Cute Companion Crochet Kit

Ever since I taught myself to crochet, my teenage daughter has wanted to learn too. This Threaders Cute Companion Crochet kit is perfect as her first crochet project. This is the Leo crochet kit and I cannot wait to have her make and create her own little Leo Lion – he’s so cute and I think she’ll be proper proud of herself when she does this all by herself. 

In this kit, there is everything you need to make your own Leo Lion. You’ll receive yarn, a 3mm crochet hook, a needle and beads {for his eyes}, stuffing & instructions. A really cute little kit for anyone wishing to start learning how to crochet. RRP £14.99

Retro Mini Popcorn Machine from Prezzy Box

As a family, we love our movie nights and what makes movie nights awesome? That’s right, popcorn! This Retro Mini Popcorn maker from Prezzybox is perfect. It’s a great size, the popcorn you make is oil-free and it’s both easy to use & easy to clean. 

Christmas gift guide ideas

This would make a great gift for any movie lover and even those people who love to throw a good party! I know, having this will make a huge difference to not only our movie nights but to those times when we throw a party too! Freshly made popcorn is hard to beat! RRP £24.99

Christmas gift guide ideas

Harry Potter Wizard Training Wands

If you have a mini wizarding world fan at home, then these Harry Potter Wizard Training Wands are pretty fun! I have written a post all about them recently, so do pop over to give that a read if you have a Harry Potter fan in the family.

Christmas Gift Guide 2018

The wands are so much more than just wands though. Not only can you learn 11 spells {it’s all in the wrist, they say!} but you can play Wizards Tag too – which is my kids favourite game to play. Think laser tag, but with wands – need I say more!! RRP £31.99 

Teddy Bear Lamp

When I gave my girls a bedroom makeover, I had everything mapped out in my head what I wanted in their space. However, it turns out that my girls get more and more quirky and nerdy as the days go by {which I am 100% proud of} so it’s only right their bedroom is filled with quirky items such as themselves. This Teddy Bear Lamp fits the bill and my girls love it. 

Christmas Gift Guide 2018

Now, this lamp is a bit on the expensive side, but if your budget will stretch, you won’t be disappointed. I really like how it is a LED bulb, rather than a regular light bulb – which makes sense considering it’s on a stuff teddy bears body! Overall, this is a very quirky and fun lamp – insanely cute and gives off the right amount of light for their bedroom – it even works as a nightlight too due to its warm glow. RRP £99

Sharpie Permanent Markers – Peacock Edition from Ryman

I am a massive stationery lover – that’s no secret. I can say that because I am literally coming down with notebooks, and pretty pens, such as this Peacock 28 Sharpie Pen set! Those colours alone are enough to get the stationery nerd within me all giddy. 

Christmas gift guide ideas

This set would make a great gift for any sketchers and doodlers in the family i.e. my own teenage daughter! She has a love for stationery, like myself and trying to keep these gorgeous pens for me have already been a struggle! I may have to get her some of her own! RRP £9.99

Christmas gift guide ideas

Petlandia Book

When you have a pet, they become apart of the family, right? Right! So I absolutely love that you can surprise your kids with a book all about that pet and their adventures. We were kindly sent this Petlandia Storybook for my daughter Ellie and her pet rabbit Hopper. I loved that a rabbit was a choice of a pet when creating this book! 

Christmas Gift Guide 2018

These books are hand illustrated with a heart-warming tale of friendship, fame, loneliness and love. It’s an adorable adventure to watch your pet go on and it makes for a great book to read at storytime, too. This is honestly such a cute gift for anyone with a pet and we think Hopper loves it too! RRP £19.99 

Crystal Art Craft Kids Kit

Both of my girls love to craft, so when they received this Crystal Art Craft card kit to make, they were keen to get started on it. 

Christmas Gift Guide 2018

Be warned though, it comes with a lot of teeny tiny crystals and it takes a lot of patience – but it’s your thing then definitely check it out! It would make a lovely gift for someone super crafty or even as a nice keepsake to send to someone at Christmas from yourself. 

Christmas Gift Guide 2018

YOLO Bedside Book & Diary

You read that I loved stationery, right? The YOLO Organiser & Bedside book bundle will be my new best friends come midnight on New Year’s Eve! Nothing beats a good organiser and with our busy lifestyle, it is certainly needed! 

Christmas gift guide ideas

I never thought I would find a Bedside book available {yes, I have already started using it} because I am one of those people whose head hits the pillow and I get inundated with a flood of ideas, worries, concerns, things that need doing etc. 

Christmas gift guide ideas

Christmas gift guide ideas

This is such a lovely book bundle. From organising everything from work to family and then resting your mind before bedtime, it’s the perfect gift. RRP £32.00

Go Ape Voucher

Experience days have been my forefront for gift giving this Christmas. It’s something we’ve never really done but after changing things up in the gift-giving side of things this festive season, I could not be happier. You’re going to remember an afternoon doing a family treetop adventure – more – than you are a Haba bead kit at Christmas. Or at least, I hope so anyway! 

Christmas gift guide ideas

Go Ape has a wide range of locations around the UK but they also have adventures suited for all the family. To nets in trees, super-springy trampolines, zip wires, off-road Segways – there is something for everyone. RRP. Differs with chosen activity.

Hydrating & Toning face kit

Now, I don’t know about you, but there is always one – or a handful – of people within your family who are cra-cra about skincare products. I myself {due to age if nothing else} is the same because anything that has ‘rejuvenating’ or ‘age-defying’ on it, I’m throwing it into my basket quicker than I can blink. 

Christmas gift guide ideas

This Hydrating & Toning Face kit from AA SKincare is lovely. It’s all presented in a lovely pillow pack, so half of the wrapping is already done for you! Each gift pack contains: 1 x Frankincense & Rose {award winning} face toner {150ml}. A refreshing Damask Rose Water to gently refresh skin for moisturising. There is a Frankincense and Rose moisturising face cream and cleansing face gel.  So it has everything you could need for a good skincare routine. RRP £21.50

Christmas gift guide ideas

Itty Bittys from Hallmark

Ever since the Itty Bittys arrived on our shelves, I have been obsessed! So many of them are from our favourite shows, such as Marvel, Star Wars, Disney and more. Now, they have these adorable Harry Potter Itty Bittys available, too. 

Christmas Gift Guide 2018

I mean, can we just stop for a second and marvel in the cuteness that is Albus Dumbledore? The wee bobble in his beard too {I’m a sucker for detail!}. These are great for popping into those stockings or doing as I did, and popped a few into the kids DIY Advent Calendar this year! RRP £6.00 

JAM Audio Live True

You can get wireless everything nowadays, can’t you? The way technology is going, goodness knows what there will be in the next 20-30 years time. These JAM Live True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds are another thing to add to that Christmas list – they even come with their own carry case that doubles up as a charger. Which can charge them up to 10 x times!

Christmas Gift Guide 2018

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that having 3hrs play time isn’t great, but the fact the charge pack/carry case can charge them back up 10 x times is pretty cool. You can even take the call without disconnecting your earbuds and they are also waterproof! 

I’ve always had issues with earbuds fitting into my ears, but with the range of silicone ear tips you are supplied with, you don’t need to worry! The sound quality is very good and I think they’re a great gift for any music lover in the family. RRP £49.99 

Mainline Tommy Hilfiger Bathrobe

Buying for the men in our life can be tricky – I don’t know about you! But my Husband can be difficult to buy for. However, I don’t think you can ever go wrong with some new nightwear, especially a bathrobe {or dressing gown – whatever your preference to call it!} – like this Tommy Hilfiger Bathrobe

Christmas gift guide ideas

This particular bathrobe is in Navy Blazer, it is 100% cotton with a classic lapel at the neck and a towelling tie fastening for around the waist. There are two pockets on the front {you can never go wrong with pockets – pockets need to be in EVERYTHING!} and the infamous Tommy Hilfiger logo is on the front. RRP £72.00

Gelli Baff Bundle

Stocking fillers is a selection of gifts that I often struggle with. But when I saw this Gelli baff, Slime baff as well as the SnoBall play kits, I knew I was on to a winner. My kids love slime {it’s such a fad at the moment, isn’t it!} and the Gelli Baff is always a firm winner too. However, the Snoplay is something I have never seen before this year and it is incredible!

Christmas gift guide ideas

I’d be lying if it didn’t come in handy for some of my Elf on the Shelf antics, too! Long story short, I forgot to buy snow, and the SnoBall play came to my rescue! But these are fabulous wee kits and perfect for those little fillers for the stockings! 

Phew, so that’s my Christmas Gift Guide for 2018! I do hope you get a little inspiration from it – these are always so much fun to put together and share with you guys! Gift buying can be a little stressful, so hopefully putting these together help you out with any gift-giving ideas! 

Merry Christmas! x



  1. 04/12/2018 / 2:14 PM

    Oh my gosh, you have so much stuff here. All looks lovely. I am loving the watch though – so pretty xx

    • 04/12/2018 / 2:44 PM

      Something for everyone, for sure! And the watch is really pretty – a really different shape, too {I think} x

  2. 04/12/2018 / 2:27 PM

    I would happily take one of each and I am googling that Kettle, it looks fabulous x

    • 04/12/2018 / 2:43 PM

      It is honestly such a gorgeous kettle – I really love it. x

  3. 04/12/2018 / 10:39 PM

    What a delightful gift guide! Something for everyone! I feel like such a mum saying this but I really REALLY love the kettle and those gorgeous copper pans! I would cry if I received them for Christmas! Haha x

  4. 05/12/2018 / 9:02 PM

    So many great idea’s here! My mum would love the watch and my son has the Crate Creature at the top of his Christmas list, I have to admit they do look fun!

  5. 07/12/2018 / 10:28 AM

    Wow, what a wonderful gift guide! So many things to choose here. I love the Cozmo the Robot and Orla Keily Watch, beautiful!

  6. 07/12/2018 / 11:24 AM

    What a fab bunch of goodies! Love the look of that dressing gown and the YOLO organiser. x

  7. 07/12/2018 / 9:37 PM

    I have the pans! I love them, so good. I love the bear too, he’s super cute.

  8. 08/12/2018 / 7:31 AM

    We have Cozmo too from Anki and he is amazing. I would definitely recommend too

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