My Autumn & Winter Skin care routine

This isn’t my usual post – I’m sure you’ll agree. I’m not one who is big into her beauty products, not by choice, it’s just how I was raised, I guess. My Mum never wore much make-up – if any and I seem to have followed in her footsteps. I even went make-up free on my wedding day – much to the horror of my friends. However, having a good skincare routine is something I wish I had.

I am not getting any younger and in the last few years age has crept up on me and made herself boldly known. The lines around my eyes are getting deeper, I have excess skin over my eyelid – which is going to look sexy-as-hell in my mid/late forties. I’m thinking I’ll be able to place a matchstick underneath my eyelids to make them look like canopies. My skin is looking a little less pink and taking on the tone of a greyish, late thirty-year-old who refuses to accept this is happening.

Not to mention how much harder it is to lose weight, the older you get! So, you can bet your bottom dollar that I have been considering anything and everything to sort that out. Have you ever heard of Fat freezing/Cool sculpting treatment? Me neither {until recently} but apparently it’s pain-free {love that}, it has fast results and the treatment takes just 45mins! Ok so, where do I sign? 

But let’s get real for a second…

The Autumn & Winter months can cause havoc to our skin – the central heating gets put on and our skin gets dried out, it can appear less bright and vibrant and lets not even go into the chapped lips and scaly legs! So I thought I would throw you lovely lot a little blog post curveball and share with you how I take care of my skin over the colder months. 

First of all, Ex-fo-liate! {Spoken in my best Dalek impression! Apologies for the horrifically bad attempt} I heard in the wind that exfoliation is good for the skin {can you tell I’m a total noobie to the skincare routine malarky} but I have the SENSSE Go! Mini Facial cleansing brush & exfoliator. You’re advised to use the exfoliator brush once a week – which is what I do and I have to admit, I love how nice my skin feels after a good deep clean and exfoliation! 

Skincare routine

I…Moisturize. Moisturize. MOISTURIZE!

You are meant to have a moisturiser that suits your skin type, but I’ll be honest with you – I have no clue what my skin type even is. I just use whatever moisturiser I like the look of and more importantly, the smell of. I currently use Nivea Q10 anti-ageing {yes please!} day cream, for my face and Dove Youthful Vitality for my body. 

Skincare routine

Skincare routine

Hand cream is your friend! So much so I have a little tube of L’OCCITANE Hand cream {which I was kindly given in a goodie bag} in my backpack and a tub of Nivea hand cream on my desk. I honestly do not mind which I use because they both moisturize my hands and help to keep them hydrated and free from dry skin.

Skincare routine

I also make it an essential daily routine to protect my feet. Now, I know some people are weird with feet and I can understand that. But we only get one pair and as busy parents, we are on them a lot! So it’s essential that we take care of them. 

Skincare routine

However, as I’m not into my beauty protects {as such} I don’t agree with paying an insane amount of money for a cream! So the one I am currently using and I actually love, is the Boots own brand deep moisturizing foot cream – with mint, lavender & marshmallow. It smells incredible and the cream itself is so silky smooth {I am putting that down to the marshmallow!} and in my opinion, it’s a great foot care cream. 

The final skincare treatment that I do, is something I do on a monthly basis – which is micro needling {just on my face}. I wasn’t too sure when I was first presented with microneedle therapy as a good skin care treatment, but after doing it for the first time and how my skin felt afterwards? I was sold. 

Skincare routine

The microneedle therapy alongside the rejuvenating serum is marvellous and really makes my skin feel lovely – it is something that isn’t for everyone, I guess. But I don’t mind those microneedles penetrating my skin over and over again. Do you microneedle? 

So there you go, that’s my skincare routine – it’s simple, my skin feels constantly soft and hydrated which is exactly the combination I need during the colder months when I am hibernating in the house with the central heating on or battling the icy winds when going out for a walk with the family! 

Do you have a skincare routine? Is there anything else that I should consider doing? 



  1. 19/11/2018 / 5:01 PM

    Such great tips. I really need to start a skin routine. My skin is so bad especially at this time when I get stressed!
    I must say I do use the L’Occitane hand cream. It’s a dream! My little guilty pleasure.

    I’ll have to pop some of the others into my basket and get to using them

  2. 20/11/2018 / 11:25 PM

    I really love the L’Occitane hand cream, it’s really rich isn’t it. My hands get so dry over winter.

    I always start a new routine but struggle to stick to it. But I know that I should and that whatever I do now will pay off when I get older.

    Microneedling though, I worry I’d have little holes on my face. Isn’t it painful?


  3. 21/11/2018 / 4:55 PM

    I always do the general take my makeup off, cleanse, tone, put on some serum/ oil and moisturize but I am so bad at bringing in exfoliating into my routine x

  4. 21/11/2018 / 8:35 PM

    I don’t change too much in routine when the colder weather arrives – but I know that I should. Good reminder.

  5. 21/11/2018 / 8:54 PM

    Great tips lovely! I really need to commit more to looking after my skin, especially in these colder months. X x

  6. 22/11/2018 / 12:08 PM

    Great tips, thanks for sharing! I have been really neglecting my skincare (and selfcare) routine recently and its definitely showing! Thanks for this post as its made me realise I need to get back on track.

  7. Rachel
    22/11/2018 / 9:00 PM

    I love reading what people use as part of their skincare routine! The L’Occitane hand cream is the ultimate staple in my handbag, i have a lovely violet one but sadly it’s been discontinued! xo

  8. Sam Jeffery
    23/11/2018 / 11:07 PM

    Wow I really love the products you’ve recommended in this post!

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