Back to school with StartRite Shoes

As soon as my children’s school finished off for the summer holidays, I’ll be honest, I was already thinking of what they need for going back to school. I was thinking of my youngest son in particular because I think out of all my school children, he is the one that goes through his shoes the quickest.

He is such a rough and ready, football-crazed little guy and his footwear, as well as needing to be comfortable, they also need to be pretty durable. Which leads me to share that StartRite shoes got in touch recently, offering Jacob a pair of their Back to School footwear to review.

Start-rite shoes

He decided to go for the Rhino Warrior, Black Leather Boys Riptape School Shoes. A great choice if you ask me and I loved that even on the website they were stamped with “SUPER TOUGH”. Which are words every parent of a school-aged child loves to hear!

Start-rite shoes
I told Jacob about the challenge to see just how durable these Rhino Warrior shoes from StartRite could be, and he was well up for the test, but, would his new school shoes be up for it?

Jacob wore them as he went running, played football, climbed trees and the one thing that stood for me the most was that there were no toe scuff marks. Last year, within one week of wearing his new school shoes, he had scuff marks on the toes and I was not pleased. But, boys will be boys, right? So, seeing no scuff marks on the toes of his shoes was a major plus and it is all due to the lightweight and durable toe bumper on the front. A feature that I have never seen before reviewing this brand of footwear.

We actually picked this make of footwear before our recent family holiday where Jacob learned to tie his own shoe laces. However, he doesn’t mind these having velcro straps because in his head it means more time playing running around rather than having to stop to tie up his shoe laces.

Start-rite shoes
Needless to say the ‘super tough’ promise on the website, stays true because my boys did so many activities {that go way beyond what you’d do in school} and the shoes are in top condition. Granted, they could do with a polish, but either way, as a parent, I’m super impressed.

This particular pair of Start Rite shoes RRP for £55.00 and they even though they are just £5 more than the cost of Jacobs shoes for school last year, they are, in my opinion, much better quality. Not only are they breathable, comfortable due to the soft leather and lightweight, they are also well up to the task for surviving adventurous boys and I am confident that they’ll easily see him through his next school term.

Disclosure: We were sent this product for the purpose of the review. All thoughts, photos and opinions are my own. 



  1. 08/08/2016 / 4:26 PM

    We love Startrite shoes as they last until they outgrow them rather than ruin them. We’ll be paying a visit in a couple of weeks. We dare not buy them before as both of my kids have silly growth spurts 🙂

    • 08/08/2016 / 4:54 PM

      This is our first pair and we are loving them! And as you say, they last until they outgrow them rather than ruin them.

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