Sssh Don’t wake Dad Game Review & Giveaway!

As a family we love having an evening {once the toddler is tucked up in her bed} to play a board game or two. So as you can imagine, we’ve not bought any since last Christmas so I suppose the kids are approaching the “Oh no, not that game again!” with the bored tone attached. So when Drumond Games got in touch asking us to work with them we jumped at the chance.

The latest game to our collection is Sssh Don’t wake Dad! A fun game all about trying to tip toe round a snoring Dad to get to the cakes and cookies. The kids honestly couldn’t wait to get this game opened and played and I have to admit, I was excited to play it myself as it seemed like a lot of fun.
Wake Dad Wake Dad2Contents of the box include:

1 x Dad in a bed
2 x Stickers for the bed
1 x Game board
1 x Spinner on card
4 x Playing pieces
16 x Cards
1 x Rule sheet
Wake Dad3Place your game board in the middle of your table, place the two stickers provided onto the spaces made for them on the bottom of Dads bed {see image below}
WakeDad5Shuffle the cards and deal them out to all the players {each having the same amount}, keep them face up and keep any leftover cards next to the board.
Wake Dad5DSC_2003Everyone chooses there playing piece and you place them on the same colour slippers on the game board.
DSC_2005Wake Dad4Flip the switch beneath Dads bed to the ‘I’ position and then pop him onto the four little holes on the game board. Place Dad into the sleeping position {just turn him and push him face down until you hear the click} as soon as he is in position he’ll start snoring.

Now the game can start! The aim of the game is to be the first player to reach the chocolate cake in the fridge. 

Playing the game:

The youngest player starts, they’ll spin the spinner then follow these instructions.

If the arrow points to a colour you move your playing piece to the next empty space of the same colour the spinner landed on. You cannot move to the same space as another playing piece, so you would move to the next available space of that colour.

Most of the spaces have a picture on them. If you hold the card that matches the image you land on, you’re safe. {Phew!} If not, you must press the alarm clock the same number of times indiciated on the space. {Dun, dun duuuun!}.
WakeDad6If Dad stays asleep, the game continues. If Dad wakes up, he has caught you and you must return to your slippers at the start of the board.
WakeDad8If you’ve been caught by Dad you keep the card that matches the picture that made him wake up, as it’ll protect you later! Now just place Dad back into the sleeping position and play on. Players who are on an arrow don’t have to press the clock at all.

If the arrow lands to + : You can choose one card to take from another player.

If the arrow points to the slippers: Your playing piece is moved to the first space in front of the player in the lead.

How to win!

If you spin and there are no spaces available in that colour, then you have made it to the fridge {Huzzah!}. Press the alarm clock one more time and if Dad doesn’t wake you have reached the cake & won the game! HURRAH!
WakeDad7We LOVE this game. The tension gets REAL people each time you press that alarm clock and when Dad jumps up he never fails to make us all jump and laugh! A great fun family game and now I have a a giveaway for one lucky person to win a Sssh Don’t Wake Dad board game!

Just fill out the rafflecopter widget and the best of luck!!

Terms and conditions. This competition is open to UK residents ONLY and ends on 9/9/2015. The winner will be selected at random from all those who entered correctly and contacted by email. This prize is sent to you from Drumond Park.

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  1. Emma Fox
    19/08/2015 / 8:24 AM

    I like Cluedo – however I seem to spend most of my time playing snakes and ladders!

  2. Tracy Nixon
    19/08/2015 / 8:59 AM

    I have always loved Monopoly!

  3. Carla Hollands
    19/08/2015 / 10:06 AM

    The Game of life!

    • 19/08/2015 / 11:18 AM

      Do you know I’ve never played that one! Any good?

  4. 19/08/2015 / 10:14 AM

    I’m a sucker for monopoly also love frustration and the classic guess who……but the ulimate has to be buckaroo

  5. kim neville
    19/08/2015 / 10:14 AM

    We like Mouse Trap

  6. iain maciver
    19/08/2015 / 11:09 AM


  7. ashleigh allan
    19/08/2015 / 11:21 AM

    Cluedo or the Game of Life are my favourites!

  8. Catherine McAlinden
    19/08/2015 / 11:43 AM


  9. aj
    19/08/2015 / 12:37 PM

    guess who!

  10. kim plant
    19/08/2015 / 12:59 PM

    pig goes pop x

  11. Lisa Everaert
    19/08/2015 / 2:52 PM


  12. Darrell
    19/08/2015 / 6:59 PM

    The kids and I love to play Guess Who, although they never let me win 🙂

  13. laura banks
    19/08/2015 / 7:33 PM

    thats gotta be monopoly

  14. Tina M Holmes
    19/08/2015 / 8:42 PM


  15. 19/08/2015 / 8:59 PM

    We love Monopoly, but usually play 5 times round the board and then stop as otherwise it takes ages. This game looks fun!

  16. claire woods
    19/08/2015 / 9:22 PM


  17. Martina Pichova
    19/08/2015 / 9:47 PM

    Guess Who

  18. Joan Kubes
    20/08/2015 / 5:50 AM

    My favorite board game is risk. Although it does get a bit rough at times.

  19. Jade H
    20/08/2015 / 11:59 AM

    My favourite game is Monopoly

  20. Laura Pritchard
    20/08/2015 / 4:30 PM


  21. Jo m welsh
    20/08/2015 / 8:22 PM

    I love monopoly

  22. Laura Nice
    20/08/2015 / 11:15 PM

    Cluedo is always a winner in our house!

  23. Lyn Bosomworth
    21/08/2015 / 6:27 PM

    i love monopoly

  24. Ruth Harwood
    22/08/2015 / 9:46 AM

    Monopoly or Cluedo, depends on our mood xx

  25. Natalie Crossan
    22/08/2015 / 11:55 PM


  26. Megan Adams
    23/08/2015 / 9:24 PM

    Articulate is my favourite.

  27. jodie w
    24/08/2015 / 1:14 PM


    26/08/2015 / 9:03 AM


  29. kay lou smith
    26/08/2015 / 7:13 PM

    We like the Game of Life 🙂

  30. Robyn Logan Clarke
    27/08/2015 / 12:37 AM

    Cranium is one of our favourites.

  31. Kelly L
    29/08/2015 / 7:58 PM


  32. Michelle Banks
    30/08/2015 / 6:47 AM

    we love the logo game x

  33. Samantha Loughlin
    30/08/2015 / 10:33 PM

    Articulate xx

  34. Christine Caple
    03/09/2015 / 5:46 PM


  35. janine atkin
    05/09/2015 / 2:08 PM

    i love monopoly

  36. Nuno Santos
    06/09/2015 / 5:56 PM


  37. rebecca austin
    07/09/2015 / 9:55 AM

    My favourite is mouse trap. Great classic game

  38. Samantha Atherton
    07/09/2015 / 1:02 PM


  39. Kelly Ellen Hirst
    07/09/2015 / 1:49 PM

    Monopoly Empire

  40. Nicola
    07/09/2015 / 9:50 PM

    Monopoly 🙂

  41. Sy Silva
    08/09/2015 / 12:36 AM

    TAkenoko is my fav 🙂

  42. Victoria Prince
    08/09/2015 / 3:06 PM

    Trivial Pursuit 🙂

  43. Sheri Darby
    08/09/2015 / 8:48 PM


  44. Rebecca Smith
    08/09/2015 / 10:23 PM


  45. Annmarie Nutt
    08/09/2015 / 11:57 PM


  46. zoe somerfield
    09/09/2015 / 8:54 AM


  47. Susan B
    09/09/2015 / 11:07 AM

    Snakes and Ladders is a long-time favourite.

  48. Natalie Baugh
    09/09/2015 / 12:27 PM

    My favourite board game is don’t panic, me and my family have such a laugh playing this 🙂

  49. Nuno Santos
    09/09/2015 / 11:02 PM

    Dead of winter

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