The ‘Sound of Happy’ with Danone

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The Happy Song: #SoundofHappy

A little while ago I published a post, sharing with you {as asked by C&G baby club} the sounds that made my little girl giggle when she was a baby; she loved the infamous blowing raspberries, and the sound of Daddy coming home made her the happiest of all. In fact, even though she is older now, those things still make her happy – there’s nothing more infectious than a child’s laugh, am I right? Once they start laughing, you start laughing and before you know it everyone nearby is emanating happiness. The sound of happy is a pretty wonderful and simplistic thing to have in life.

C&G baby club asked loads of you guys, Mums and Dads of the UK, as well as psychologists to ask their opinion on what exactly it is that makes your baby/child happy? What is that exact thing to make that little smile on their face go from ear to ear?

The result is the Sound of Happy Song. This is a fab video you can watch below, with a song developed by C&G baby club in partnership with the brilliant musician Imogen Heap. It’s packed with ALL the sounds that the C&G baby club’s research identified as making babies most happy.

What are those sounds? Well, here are the top ten sounds that make babies happy, according to C&G Baby Clubs’ survey of 2,300 UK parents:

Boo – 66%

Raspberry {Flying aeroplane sound} – 57%

Sneezing – 51%

Kissing noises – 43%

Other babies laughing – 28%

Squeaking toy {car horn} – 23%

Duck quack – 23%

Popping cheek – 20%

Farts – 16%

Coughing – 16%

The sound of a happy baby is just the best sound, and it gives you the best feeling. I must confess, not every child of mine was so easily entertained – some of my children were incredibly hard to please. Just getting them to smile would involve me going all out! No holds barred, no matter the time or the place {picture being surrounded by strangers in the queue in Tescos, doing some insane form of dance with flailing limbs and ridiculous noises – it’s happened before, countless times}.

sound of happy

Perhaps I needed the Sound of Happy song when they were little! Certainly, blowing raspberries is a classic move and could make my little ones laugh nine times out of ten!

The C&G baby club team researched the sounds that make our little ones laugh and the results are just so true. Everything from playing peek-a-boo, blowing raspberries {mentioned}, tickling their toes, having their siblings entertain them etc. We’ve all experienced one or more of those moments to achieve the #soundofhappy. Which, let’s face it, Happiness is one of the best sounds going.

I remember well that stage where simple sounds made my babies happy – when you could make them grin with every funny face you pull. Those were pretty amazing days, weren’t they? If you’re just going through this period, cherish every single nanosecond because when you get to my stage in life, having raised your babies, you do wish you could be back seeing it all even if it was just for a moment.

Give The Happy Song, which is the first song scientifically tested to make babies happy, a listen: here, I guarantee it even makes you happy!

Watch how they made the song here: 

*Advertorial brought to you by C&G baby club


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