5 things to look for in a good suit

I am sure I’m not the only one who appreciates a man in a suit; They brush up well, don’t they! My husband included. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that I help my husband choose his clothes. Not all of them, you understand. He can choose what he likes {on the grand scheme of things} but when it comes to a suit that’s a different ball game.

For example, I’ve watched my husband look for suits to wear on our wedding day and that’s all I needed to see. It was painful. Which is when I knew that I needed to intervene and amusingly, he agreed. So here are 5 things to look for in a good suit, no matter the occasion;

Avoid cheap suits!

This is something that we experienced ourselves. We looked in places where the suits looked lovely but in actual fact when you got up close, {felt them, tried them on}, that they had quite a cheap feel to them and just weren’t appealing.

Get measured!

In many suit stores across the country, you have qualified and trained staff members there who are able to take your measurements for you. Thus, making sure that you suit will fit you perfectly.

Choose the right fabric!

Suits come in all kinds of fabric so you need to decide what looks and fits best on you. It could be pure wool, linen, cotton, polyester and so on. With fabric choice in mind, you need to consider whether they are machine washable suits or if they require dry-cleaning etc. You will also need to consider what time of year this suit will be for; pure wool for the colder months and a cotton/linen suit for the warmer months.

Consider trouser length!

It depends whether you are young and ‘bang’ on trend with flashing those ankles {with a slimmer fitted suit}. Or, you prefer a much more traditional approach with having the trouser hem resting on the top of your perfectly polished shoes.

Jacket or no jacket?

For me personally, I’m in favour of the no jacket option. I think a man in a waistcoat suit is very dapper and those jackets are usually draped over a chair anyway, right? But, the choice is up to yourself. I suppose the time of year the suit is for can come into play when making your decision too.

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