Burglary Hotspots throughout England & Wales

Thankfully, I have never been a victim of burglary. For those of you who have had their home burgled then I could never imagine the emotions you felt, or perhaps you still feel even now.

I can assume it would be feelings of anger, violation, shock, fear & that unwavering feeling of never being able to feel safe in those four walls again. And understandably so. I bet you thought this type of crime would never happen to you too, right? We all think that, don’t we? Until it happens.

You could think of multiple ways to protect your home from such crimes but sometimes there isn’t anything you can do. Is the area in which you live considered a rough or a posh area? In reality that doesn’t really matter. Burglars will take their chances where they can.

In September 2016 7% of all crimes reported throughout England & Wales were burglaries. Burglary is a much more common crime than people think. Does the area you live in have a high burglary rating? Are you thinking of moving and would like to know if that area is susceptible to house crimes?

Verisure Smart alarms trawled through burglary data since December 2010 to create this map {below} showing the burglary rate by council area, {Burglaries per, 1000 people}.

Statistics clearly stated that burglaries occurred more so in city areas {such as London, Manchester, Bradford} where in places such as Wales the results were much less. Why?

The reasons were quite simple; the community kept a sharp eye out for anything suspicious therefore deterring any criminals from hitting that area. Maybe more places around the country should invoke a ‘Neighbourhood watch’ and we’d see an even bigger fall in these burglary figures.

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  1. Marissa Claire
    20/01/2017 / 11:13 AM

    I am a victim of a burglary when I was in a Mexico. It was a harrowing experience. I still get night tremors!

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