Travel games for kids with Transpennine Express

Over the weekend we took our first day trip of 2017; it’s just £22 for a family train ticket to anywhere in Northern Ireland, so why not! As fun as trains can be for travelling, especially with children, you still need to keep them entertained. Transpennine Express have some great kids travel games and we printed off a few to keep the kids happy during our journey.

These travel games are completely free and they have four available; Crazy noughts & crosses, a wicked word search, a super duper maze & brainy dots & boxes.


Noughts and Crosses is a classic travel game and one that I have never been very good at. Clearly, I’m not a good strategist and I always get caught out with the other player managing to make themselves two ways to win. I need to learn this trick!

You can never go wrong with a fun maze to complete. This particular maze had my daughter stumped for a good ten minutes, but she finally found her way out. Naturally, she let out a whoop to let us know her victory. You can maybe make it more fun by setting a timer and see who can make it out of the maze in the fastest time.

Did you ever play ‘squares’ as a kid? Brainy dots & boxes is exactly the same and such a fun game to play. You can even have as many players as you like; which in turn makes the game shorter but much more fast-paced.


The word search was good fun too. Although, they’re more my thing than my children’s, but I had fun completely it on our train journey too. Why should the kids have all the fun!

The travel games were a big hit with us all and in no time at all, we had arrived at our destination. Castlerock.


Castlerock is a little seaside village in County Londonderry; it’s also my favourite place in the entire world. I spent every single school holiday here as a child because my Grandad owned a caravan down there. So, it was quite bittersweet being able to share loads of childhood memories with my children.


I was able to show them where I fished in the rock pools along the beach, where my Dad & I would build sand dams, the sand dunes we played in as children and so much more. It was amazing being able to share that with them and there’s just something about Castlerock that makes me giddy.


After a couple of hours spent enjoying the beach and walking up to Mussenden Temple & Downhill House, it was time for our train journey home. It was also time for my husband and daughter to finish their game of brainy dots & boxes!

They’re both so competitive; however, my husband won and naturally my daughter wasn’t impressed, so she has demanded a rematch on our next train journey. He accepted.

*This is a collaborative post. 


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