Having Bathtime fun with your Lil’ Monsters #ad

Bathtime can either be a time that is looked forward too or can fill you with dread. Out of my five children, it’s only the littlest lady {3yrs old} who needs bathtime supervision and she can go through phases of loving the bath or loathing it. Sometimes she will cannonball into the bath or you literally have to just hose her down in the front garden, or at least that’s what we threaten her with anyway. It mostly it works as she doesn’t want the neighbours to see her wee peachy bum.


Annabelle’s most recent bath, however, she was a little unwell, hence her midday bath. She was covered in sticky icing from baking earlier that morning {anything to cheer them up, right?} and she was also covered in snot, from her runny nose. What a way to stay classy, eh! So, it was a bath for our little snotty monster before lunch and she wasn’t in the mood for playing ‘bloggers child’.


We were sent some of Johnson’s Special edition Bubble Baby Bath & Wash, displaying their adorably cheeky Lil’ Monsters in a hope that it will help us out on those days that the tot refuses some bathtime fun. It’s so easy for our little ones to get bored in the bath and now Annabelle is older she really doesn’t have that many age appropriate bath time toys, {something I should fix, perhaps!}. So bubbles, in my eyes are fun for anyone, regardless of your age and this Johnson’s Bubble Baby Bath & Wash gives you LOADS of fun bubbles to make bath time a bit more fun.


Along with the Bubble Baby Bath & Wash, we were sent four cute laminated cards of the Johnson’s Lil’ Monsters gang! Annabelle instantly took a shine to Bubbly Bo, who became her favourite; but overall she really enjoyed looking at them, asking Mama to tell her all about each Lil’ Monster and she even made some Monster noises too. I guess those fussy bath time moments were a distant memory *touches wood* because my snotty little monster had a whale of a time. Plus, I have to say, the bubbles lasted right up until her bath time was over. That’s the longest I have ever seen bubbles last for; so that impressed me and really made the entire bath experience for my toddler, a fun one.


*SPONSORED by Johnson’s® brand. This product was sent to me free of charge for the purpose of this post, however, all thoughts, photos and opinions are my own. You can read more on the Johnson’s bubble monsters over on their website. 


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