Our Purrfect Christmas in partnership with Whiskas

Whiskas got in touch with me recently, asking me to get involved in their Purrfect Christmas campaign and to share our first Christmas with our feline family member, Icarus the tabby cat.

I was always a secret cat person, but being raised with dogs I guess adding a cat into the fold would have made things interesting {to say the least!}. But around 9yrs ago I brought home a tiny little fluffy tabby kitten; it was a little ‘he’ and we decided to call him Icarus. He was to be our first cat & the kids and I couldn’t have been more excited.

He was so tiny but there wasn’t a timid part about him. He was out of his travel box within seconds giving everything a sniff with curiosity and in no time at all, he was all settled in. He swiftly decided that my bed was ‘his’ bed during the night and that his favourite place to lie was the lap of who-is-now, my husband. I knew cats were a good judge of character.

From six months old he was able to go outside; able to learn his home surroundings, get to know his ‘area’ & do whatever cats do to make it there own. Thankfully, though, Icarus was a homely tabby cat. He wasn’t one of those tabby’s that would go out and not be seen for days on end, even in the Winter months.
All it took for him to come running inside was to stand at either the front or back door, shake a box of his favourite cat food and there he would be; meowing happily and excited for a bite to eat. After all, all of that exploring and mingling is hard work.


However, the best part was yet to come {in Icarus’s mind anyway!} because of our first Christmas with him in our family swiftly approached. The Christmas tree we put up swiftly became a playground for our cheeky kitty. The baubles that hung on the tree as they spun & twinkled were just too much temptation {and fun} for Icarus to leave alone and I cannot tell you how many times we found our tree fallen over with an Icarus curled up in a corner looking a little guilty {he wasn’t sorry at all! – in fact, I think he was keen for us to fix it so he could do it all over again!}.

purrfect christmas with whiskas
But our first Christmas with him was lovely, endless fixing of the Christmas tree aside – which made me think {on several occasions!} could Christmas trees and cats co-exist? I didn’t think so, but they sure made things interesting. The kids even loved buying him a little present too; a laser pointer! Who needed to swipe at shiny baubles and attempt to lunge into the middle of the Christmas tree when you could chase a tiny red dot about the place. Best.cat.gift.ever!

So that was basically our first Christmas with Icarus, and we’ve had much more happy ones since then. He doesn’t try to leap into the tree anymore, but those shiny tempting baubles still get a swipe or two! 

You can check out WHISKAS® website for more information on their cat food & their youtube channel for fantastic kitten kollage videos. 

*This is a collaboration post with WHISKAS®, but all thoughts and photos are my own. 


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