The perfect dress for a curvy gal {with Simply Be}

Dresses. They’re a ‘pretty girls’ item of clothing, or at least, that’s always been how I’ve envisioned them. Being a military man’s daughter I was practically raised in high leg boots & combat trousers; so dresses were never really me. The only day that I have ever looked forward to wearing a dress has been my Wedding day, and I loved my Wedding dress. So when SimplyBe got in touch offering me something to review from their wide range of womenswear I made myself a promise and that was to choose a dress if I saw one.

Simply Be have such a wide range of dresses for women and if I am entirely honest, I’m a curvaceous woman so I have zero confidence when it comes to thinking I look good in a dress. So with that in mind, I made it my mission to try and overcome that wall of no-confidence to replace it with something a little more empowering.

As soon as my eye fell upon the Scarlett & Jo Sweetheart dress I knew it was the one dress that would maybe look good on me. The sweetheart neckline is a lovely feature because I personally dislike anything too far up my neck. Nor am I fan of revealing too much cleavage. So, so far, this dress was seeming pretty perfect.


I’ve always been a bit of a Goth at heart and I instantly fell in love with the romantic animal rose style print on the skirt of the dress. It also has three-quarter length sleeves, which are my ultimate favourite. I don’t know why I prefer this style of sleeve over either short or long, I just do. Anyone else? 


I love how the elasticated waistband defines my waist and even though I’m a lady of the curvier persuasion I think the dress really compliments that. Because, curves should be celebrated, right? I never thought that before putting on this dress, but after putting it on and all of those curves suddenly coming to life, my mind was totally changed! 

It seems that underneath my usual Mum tops and unflattering jeans that I have a figure. Sure, it’s a chunky one, but a figure nevertheless.

The underskirt also has a netted lining to give the skirt a little more volume; not that it needs it with my hips! But if truth be told, I did love the poofy-ness!

Overall this dress is stunning. I’m so in love with it and believe me when I say I never thought I would think that about a dress! It’s stylish, very comfortable to wear, it makes you feel ultra sexy and now I feel the need to learn how to walk in heels and finally get myself booked in for a foot tattoo! Because it just screams that sort of dress but I think I just about pulled it off in my flats.

I was also kindly sent a few other items from Simply Be; a Grey Marl V-neck t-shirt which I love! And also a pair of Chelsea Boots from Sole Diva {which I accidentally chose in extra wide – they make my little size fives looks HUGE!}. But it was the Scarlett & Jo Sweetheart dress that captured my heart and after having another browse through their beautiful dresses, I will be adding the gorgeous asymmetric stripe dress to my birthday wish list.

Do you have a dress that makes you feel a million dollars?

D xx

Disclosure: I was very kindly sent a few items from Simply Be in return for putting together this review post. All thoughts, photos and opinions are entirely my own.


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  1. kareen
    23/02/2017 / 4:26 PM

    I love the dress, it’s so elegant!!!

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