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I have a confession to make. My home is not a showcase home. I see so many unbelievably stunning homes online, mine, however, is not one of them. It has that ‘lived in’ look, with laundry on the dining table, just-read books on the side of the chairs and knowing my kids, socks in the corner of every room. However, piles of socks and books aside, the key thing our home lacks – is storage. I’ve collaborated with the lovely people at The Holding Company to share a few of their products that I think would be the perfect storage solution for any home. 

What seems like the smart approach, is to walk in through my front door and envision what would be the perfect storage solution for that space. So, with all homes, we walk in and take off our shoes, right? And as a result of that – or it is in my home anyway – we have a pile of shoes dumped in the hallway. This is a massive pet hate of mine! So, for my first choice of storage solution, it is without a doubt, a shoe rack – but not just any shoe rack, this gorgeous Chedworth Shoe & Boot storage bench is a beauty. Don’t you think? 

I can almost see the kids now, perched on top of the bench, their little feet up as they tie their shoelaces. Then once the shoes are off, they can be tucked away nice and neat – which will make this Mama, very happy indeed. 

I also love, about this shoe bench, in particular, is the space for the wellie boots. I haven’t seen many if any of this style of shoe bench. So having that is a very neat feature in my book. 

From the hallway, I would head up the stairs and if I head into my girl’s bedroom, the one thing they would benefit from – is some under the bed storage. 

We have a house rabbit and because he is able to hop underneath the girl’s bunk bed, a plastic under bed storage box is ideal. The wicker underbed baskets available from the Holding company are lovely. But, Hopper would see them as a feast! 

My girls accumulate some serious stuff – perhaps it’s one of those things when two kids share a bedroom? Who knows! Either way, having one or two under the bed plastic storage boxes would be perfect for arts & crafty bits, board games {our rabbit loves eating cardboard!} etc. 

Another place in our home that plastic storage boxes would be amazing, is our roof space. I have this plan to completely sort and arrange our entire attic. I’d love to ideally, box up everything into seasons {as I have A LOT!} and have arranged neatly and easily accessible around the attic. At the moment, this is not the case! It’s got more of a rummage until you find what you’re looking for sort of feel. Which is not ideal. So, yes, plastic boxes for the win when it comes to any form of storage requirements really. 

Now, lastly and by no means least! Another storage factor that we are constantly emptying out, is our laundry baskets – can they ever be emptied? Who knows – that is a mystery that I am yet to solve. However, we all have our own laundry baskets, which I am sure is the ‘thing’ for every household. 

We have wicker baskets, hang over the door baskets {storage saviour!} and even pop up baskets. It’s amazing how they come in so many different forms, shapes and designs. I particularly love the slim Radley Gebang Wicker linen basket, because, this was made for our bathroom! There is a space between the sink & the bath that would be perfect for this little laundry basket. 

So there you go, a few simple storage solutions that are {and would be} a huge help in our home. Of course, we already have laundry baskets – that’s a given. But I can already imagine the extra space the girls would gain in their bedroom from having some underbed storage boxes. No doubt, my girls being who they are, they’d be filled with goodness knows what, in no time! But what I cannot see, won’t hurt me, right? 

*This is a collaboration post with The Holding Company



  1. 25/07/2018 / 1:57 PM

    My house isn’t a show house either! I’m always looking for storage solutions to try eliminate how much clutter I have. Those baskets look lush x

    • 26/07/2018 / 9:44 AM

      Eliminating clutter is a battle, isn’t it? It just multiples and how and WHY does EVERYTHING end up downstairs? lol

  2. 25/07/2018 / 8:58 PM

    These are great solutions I would love the Hall storage as that’s the part of my home that’s always so messy with everyone’s shoes!

    • 26/07/2018 / 9:44 AM

      Our hallways do accumulate a portion of household madness, don’t they!

  3. 25/07/2018 / 10:15 PM

    I love a good storage solution – we have crates, baskets and boxes EVERYWHERE! x

    • 26/07/2018 / 9:40 AM

      Haha. A woman after my own heart! I think I have a bit of a crate/basket/box addiction. To go along with my stationery problem, lol

  4. 26/07/2018 / 1:17 AM

    I don’t live in a instagrammable house either, there’s always something on the floor, shoes in odd places and plates everywhere! Love these storage solutions, in a small house like ours, we couldn’t live without storage!

    • 26/07/2018 / 9:40 AM

      Non-Instagrammable houses unite, eh! haha! We rock the ‘lived in’ and I’m sure everyone else does, too! And those plates do get EVERYWHERE, don’t they? Storage solutions are epic for small homes {we have one of those, too!} x

  5. 26/07/2018 / 5:36 AM

    I like the fact that those laundry baskets have lids! Good for hiding everything away. And like you I LOVE the shoe rack!

    • 26/07/2018 / 9:38 AM

      Every laundry basket needs a lid in my book! And isn’t the shoe rack fabulous!?

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