Oh, the plans I have for our master bedroom!

Our bedroom and I think I have said this on the blog before, is a hub for laundry. Aren’t they all? Not just laundry you understand, but other stray pieces of the house that either need dumped, given to charity or put into the loft – and if I am completely honest? I still have an elf on the shelf box next to my bed, with a blanket draped over it. Bad, I know and I can’t see much point in putting it back in the loft at this point either. Do you?

So, along with the laundry and other random bits {elves included!}, it’s time the Husband and I reclaimed our bedroom. We recently got a new bed, after, and prepare yourselves for this revelation – sleeping on a mattress on the floor for almost a year. A year! And not because we couldn’t afford a new double bed, it was more there was something that took more priority. But we finally got a new one. Hurrah! As well as a brand new {and rather delicious} Sleepbear mattress {review coming soon}.

So with the new bed, and getting re-adjusted to sleeping above the 1ft mark, we have made some plans.  OK, truth? I have made some plans because if our bedroom decor was up to my Husband it would have anime movie posters on the walls, a TV bed and unironed covers on the bed, and that’s a no from me! However, my plans are;

Making the room brighter

Our bedroom is currently an off-white with an English fire red on the chimney breast. I am thinking, white with a very pale blush pink on the chimney breast, or perhaps that entire wall. Or perhaps a really light grey? Who knows what I will decide on! But I have a real love for white, grey and blush pinks at the moment, so I am just rolling with it. 

Changing up the upholstery

As well as the fresh lick of paint on the walls, I will replace our black curtains with nice bright white ones. I want all of that delicious natural light bouncing off every light surface possible. I would love to be able to afford new bedroom carpet this year, but I think that will be an expense for 2019! So, I think a lovely rug would be a nice addition to the flooring. 

Add more storage

We thought we had cracked it on the storage front with our two chests of drawers from Ikea. We went for the smallest ones really, because our room doesn’t have much available space. However, it seems even both of those take up too much room. So, I needed to re-evaluate the storage situation. I absolutely love the Kallax units that we have in our living room, and now in my girl’s bedroom too. So I am thinking, those would be a solid storage choice. Now all I need to do is get my butt over to Ikea! 

Add some shelves

This is where my legendary Daddy comes in. Shelves are wonderous space savers, aren’t they! So I would love some up on the far wall of our bedroom. A place where I can set some photos, a succulent of three, perhaps. I have yet to decide if I want full on proper shelves or just a row of picture ledge style ones. What do you think? 

Buy an armchair!

I have this thing about chairs in a bedroom, and by that I mean – I love it! I would adore it, personally. Somewhere I hope the laundry wouldn’t be draped over and it would a place I could sit & read {when I get the chance}. Or, a place to just chill out when I am trying to hide from the kids for five minutes {we all do it, admit it!}. So, with dreams of bright white walls, and soft blush pink & grey furnishings {with a hint of copper thrown in}; I think a chair would be the perfect and final touch to round off the bedroom. 

That’s all our bedroom needs really. A simple lick of paint, some new curtains {perhaps a scatter cushion or two!} and a little storage love. It’s not going to be a massive job, but it is a job that I hope to achieve over the school summer holidays. Inbetween the beach picnics, kite flying and general summer fun. 

I cannot wait until it is finished, I’ll be sure to write another post sharing when it’s all complete.

*This is a collaboration post.



  1. 26/06/2018 / 9:16 AM

    I’m right with you, our bedroom is just where clean washing lives until it’s put away (aka for the rest of time haha) would love to reclaim it and make it all pretty! Some lovely ideas here

    • 26/06/2018 / 10:28 AM

      Gosh, what is it with our bedrooms being laundry magnets! lol!

  2. 26/06/2018 / 9:01 PM

    Wow I have proper room envy!

  3. 27/06/2018 / 9:34 AM

    We’ve gone from dark curtains to light blinds in out bedroom recently and it’s made a great difference. Now I need to sort storage! I’d also love an armchair but that storage needs to come first to make room!!

  4. 27/06/2018 / 11:55 AM

    Oh gosh our bedroom was exactly like how you’ve described yours – a dumping ground for all sorts of junk. We’ve just had our loft boarded out for storage purposes and there is SO MUCH SPACE! It’s amazing. And now I want to make our bedroom beautiful – we’ve gone for the white, grey and very pale pink look too. Still more to do but it’s getting there slowly.

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