Preschool days: Learning to share & bad tempers

I shared a post a week or so ago about how my youngest child was settling into preschool – today’s post is a little update on how everything is going, from making new friends, learning to share and to control that bad temper of hers.

For my youngest daughter starting her preschool days journey has been a big adjustment for her in lots of ways. Being the youngest sibling at home she mostly gets things her way, not only because she is known to be quite a bossy little madam but because her siblings allow it {most of the time}.

Preschool hasn’t allowed her to get things her way or allowed her to be queen bee. This has been her biggest adjustment. My little girl, who will soon be four has quite the temper. A temper that I swear is fueled by the demons in the 9th level of hell because, man, does she get angry! There would be growling, stomping, exaggerated shoulder action {like an angry hulk, only much, much smaller}. It’s actually quite amusing {on one side} but obviously, it aches my heart because I don’t think such fury should course through the veins of someone so small. Especially over not being able to get their own way, or have to share.


I say share because she doesn’t agree that other children should be going to her school. According to her, it is her school and nobody else’s. I shared a little video over on my Instastories the other day of me asking her “Can other boys and girls go to her school?” and she’d sternly say “NO!”. I’d ask why and she barks a reply of “It’s ANNABELLES school!!” at me. I shouldn’t have laughed, but it was really funny. She’s so adamant! Preschool started three weeks ago and this territorial issue is still an issue.

However, without jinxing anything {touches all the wood surfaces she can} I think we might be getting somewhere because she no longer stands in front of the door like a mini Gandalf {all she would have needed were some grey robes, a staff and to yell “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!”} now she just grumbles as they enter while giving them the evils.


All of this changes once they enter the actual school I’d like to make clear. She’ll happily and eagerly hang up her coat, followed by her bag, then she’ll go in to find her little name tag and pop it into her matching name on the board {a little preschool registration}. I’ll get a kiss, a wave bye-bye and off she goes to play. It’s funny how when those doors open and her Teacher says “Hello!” that all of her disgruntled dislike of other boys and girls going to her school fades away.


However, knowing what goes on in that fiery little mind of hers I asked one o her teachers how she was getting on the other week. Her response didn’t surprise me because she said, “She has a temper doesn’t she!”, which my reply was “Yes, yes she does!”. But, they’re working with her because the temper flares when she has to share. So I loved hearing they have a little timer on the go {which I’ve also introduced to her at home} when sharing needs to be done. So far so good and it’s only been three weeks, so I think that’s pretty awesome progress.

Have you got a little one who started nursery or preschool recently? How are they settling in? Any other mini Gandalf’s about? Or is it just mine? lol 



  1. 27/09/2016 / 6:12 PM

    It’s definitely an age thing, children become possessive and soon learn to share when they are in the school scenario.

    • 28/09/2016 / 7:49 AM

      I cannot wait for it to pass because man, it’s hard work, haha.

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