Our Autumnal life, lately…{Oct/Nov 2016}

“The weather outside is frightful”….I’m sure I’ve heard those words in a song, somewhere… The weather has gone from a pleasant Autumnal feel too down right baltic. Hats, gloves, and scarfs have been pulled out of the depths of our closets and drawers and we’re wrapping up warm when having to pop outside.

Personally, I’d love to opt for the choice to hibernate, but sadly, school runs {and pick-ups} need doing as well as other outdoor things that require collecting/sorting/leaving off etc. Oh, to be a squirrel or a hedgehog about now, eh? All tucked up warm and snug, asleep for months. Asleep for months! All of us sleep-deprived parents can dream, right? Also, I can’t even blame my children for my lack of sleep because my husbands snoring is 100% to blame for the dark circles under my eyes.

Autumn fun

But being sleep deprived and not-a-big-fan of the bitter coldness outside, how beautiful has Autumn been so far? It’s been so beautiful. The reds, the oranges, the yellows and the greens have all been such a delight to walk passed, and kick through this last month. Speaking of leaves…we have recently invited along to the Leaf Pod, set up by the National Trust Northern Ireland at the City Hall in Belfast a weekend or so ago.


It was a sweet set up in the gardens out the front of City Hall, a view information tents with National trust rangers there to show you what they do and answer any of your questions. My kids happily asked all kinds of questions and they were even shown how to light a fire by one of the National trust rangers. It was cute seeing them all huddled round giving it a go, even each of them taking on a role too. It’s always lovely seeing teamwork when you have siblings.

Now, the main part of the event was the Leaf pod; essentially an inflatable dome filled with crunchy, crispy, colourful leaves from a range of National trust grounds from around Northern Ireland.


The kids ventured in as fast as they could and I don’t think I stopped smiling as I watched them. After a while I decided to get in too {for a leaf war, obviously!} and I honestly felt like a kid again.

It is such a simple way to have fun and we made memories in that leaf pod on that cold October afternoon. Thank you to the National Trust for such a fun time at their #NTAutumnfun event.

I got to see my youngest daughters first Halloween parade at Preschool; for her, she loved every moment whereas for me it was so bittersweet because that was my last ‘first’ Halloween preschool parade. The emotions you go through with ‘last-firsts’ with your final child are emotional and confusing. But she was such an amazing {and insanely cute} little werewolf and I was one proud Mama watching her.


Next up would be Halloween and we got up to so, so much that I think we were well and truly Halloween’d out by the end of it all. I shared a post about our jam-packed Halloween the other week if you missed it.

Just before October ended I loved sharing our Me & Mine photo for October. It was a few months since we had joined in, so it was good being able to find the time to grab us all together.


In the blink of an eye, October was no more and we were saying hello to November. Am I the only one who finds it bonkers that it’s the eleventh month of 2016 already!? It’s insane, right? November, thus far, has been lovely and the weather {for the first week anyway} was surprisingly pleasant. After that, it’s been all gloves, hats & scarves!

As for life-in-the-moment, it’s pretty crazy! You know yourself this time of year! From the Christmas shopping, the gift wrapping, sorting the house out {which reminds me, we need to book an electrician to fit our new washing machine!}, the Elf on a shelf planning and quite frankly, the list goes on.

So that’s our Autumnal life, lately post. I rambled on a bit, but it’s been a while since I’ve been able to have a good old waffle on my blog, so here it is!

Until the next one!

D xx

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