Painting pumpkins and getting ready for Halloween

Halloween is nipping at our heels and the wind chill is sprinkling our skin with goosebumps. Hot chocolates {with all the trimmings} are rapidly becoming a daily staple and the cozy socks are a permanent accessory. I think it is safe to say; Winter is coming! Not to quote Game of Thrones, but let’s face reality here people, Summer is long gone, the days are getting shorter and in a weeks time, the clocks will be going back. Isn’t it crazy that this time of year is here already? It’s utter madness but I am loving the novelty of lighting candles at around 6pm in the evening and cozying up with my family with hot chocolates and a movie.

Where we live, sadly, the people in the surrounding streets don’t participate or tolerate trick or treaters. What fun-sponges, right! I mean, it’s for the kids right!? Tragically I buy a bucket of treats every year in a faint hope that we’ll get at least a handful of trick or treaters at our door. But in the 6 years, that we’ve lived here, we’ve had maybe a dozen knock on our door on Halloween night. Isn’t that a travesty! I remember as a young girl, dressed in a black bin bag outfit with my cousins, going round nearby doors. The doors would swing open and happy faces of WOW would greet us as they inspected our costumes and we burst into song;

“Halloween’s coming on and the goose is getting fat, would you please put a penny in the old man’s hat! If you haven’t got a penny, a hap’ney will do, if you haven’t got a hap’ney, God bless you!”


Back in those days {mid/late 80’s} people gave money {10p/20p to each child} and we’d move on. Sweets weren’t given back then like they are nowadays and the song isn’t sung either because we just get this lame “Trick or Treat!”. Maybe I’m being a grumpy-guss but I much prefer the song, but I guess the massive Americanized holiday is just swiftly taking over and as times change, so do people and old traditions get lost and forgotten. As sad as that is.

However, will we be going trick or treating this year? Why, yes we will! Not around where we live because people turn off all their lights and pretend to not be home. Party poopers! {if you’re one of those people, shame on you!}. So we’re going over to the Sister-in-laws this year as apparently the trick or treating is great over on her side of the City. Lucky ducks! 

As for the rest of our Halloween, we are going to make the most of it with family party’s, a huge Monster Mash event in the City {I cannot wait to see my youngest’s face at her first ever fireworks display!} and probably painting more pumpkins {my 3yr old is obsessed!}. I’m sure I’ll fill you guys in on our happenings in a week or so! 😉 

What are your plans for Halloween? I’d love to know! x


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  1. 30/10/2016 / 11:34 PM

    Oh a chalkboard pumpkin what a fab idea, it can be drawn on over and over then!

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