Celebrating Halloween with Poundworld!

I don’t know about you guys, but I love pound shops! I truly do and not for any other reason that you can get lots of seriously useful products for the cost of a single pound coin. Amazing. There is shampoos, nail care, baby products, DVDs, food, crafts and so much more. But on this particular post, I’m going to share with you what I picked up in our local pound world to help us celebrate Halloween this year.

To think that you can stock up on pretty much everything you need in one single shop amazes me. Everything from costumes, decorations, party pieces {cups, plates etc}, wigs, spooky masks and so, so much more.

I was invited along to spend £30 on everything I could possibly need for a Halloween party with my children and if I’m honest, PoundWorlds range this year has been the best I’ve seen in previous years. The range is so extensive and the spookily fun designs of their products were awesome too. If I’m honest, it was pretty hard to choose what we were going to get. 

However, with a three-year-old in tow, I couldn’t exactly have the nosy that I usually enjoy having, so I had to make speedy decisions. Toddlers eh! So here’s what we got…

Isn’t that insane! So many cool wee bits and pieces and of course the toddler had to have her little pumpkin lantern, which she walked so proudly home with.

Halloween with Poundworld

We got quite the stash!
Halloween with Poundworld
We picked up scary balloons, glow stick wands {perfect for the little ones if they’re not fans of sparklers}, super funky holographic glasses, a ghoulish cupcake party pack and loads more!

Halloween with Poundworld
The kids were huge fans of the bloody handprint window stickers. They’re currently on our front door to spook anyone who comes near, {totally the kid’s idea and not mine!}. 😉

Halloween with Poundworld
Once I saw this very cool “CAUTION HAUNTED” doormat, it went straight into my basket. I’ve never seen Halloween doormats before so this is not only a first for us but a really cool addition to our Halloween house! 

Halloween with Poundworld
I loved that the Halloween range at Poundworld was a mixture of spooky and ‘cute spooky’. So you could either go all out scary if you had older children who loved that sort of thing and lots of cute little spooky pieces, which are great if you have little ones at home. However, can we just take a second to appreciate the ribcage jelly mold!!! Love that!!!

So that’s what we picked up from Poundworld to decorate our house with for this years Halloween. Lots of spooky pieces, lots of fun pieces and we’re looking forward to decorating the house this weekend with it all! We’ll be sharing spooky glimpses on my Instastories, so keep an eye out! 😉

Disclosure: I was kindly supplied with a budget from Poundworld for this review post and I was also compensated for my time.


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