Halloween Games Review!

Spooky HalloweenGames to enjoy thisWe were recently sent a few spooky Halloween games from Megableu with Tots100 and the first one I’m sharing with you guys is Ghost Hunt Evolution. This game is {and this may just be the nerd in me talking} MARVELLOUS! It’s seriously so much fun and a favourite in the land of grown-ups just as much as it is a hit with the kids.
DSC_3481Ghost hunt evolution is a ‘play in the dark’ shooting game and with the help of your electronic projector {Billy Bones} & your electronic gun, you can blast spooky bats & ghastly ghosts into oblivion! Ghost Hunt Evolution also provides you with your own multi-vision glasses to see more than one bat or ghost to shoot! Pew! Pew!
Billy bones, once he is switched on and sat in the centre of a dark room will turn his head in all different directions to project ghosts and bats onto the walls and ceiling. Your Billy bones projector has three different speeds; slow, medium & fast. So, depending on how good of a shot you think you are to what speed you choose to take on.
DSC_3482DSC_3483Your electronic pistol can be activated by pressing the trigger and the LCD screen at the back will light up.
DSC_3480This LCD screen will also display your score during your go of the game. The pistol does not have an off switch but don’t worry because it automatically switches itself off after being inactive for 60 seconds.
DSC_3476This game is LOADS of fun! Billy Bones runs off 4xAA batteries and is fun for all the family. Even the toddler thinks it is fun and pretends to run away screaming when Billy Bones shouts “AAAAAH I see Ghosts!”. This game is perfect for all Halloween lovers and also great for family evenings together too. It RRPs for £29.99.

The second game I have to share with you today is another one from Megableu called Creepy Hand. This game is based on the old classic ‘Truth or Dare’.
12190734_878470362238456_1280983034_oOnly with this game it is up to the creepy hand and it’s eerily pointing finger who gets to choose who has to tell a truth or do a dare and if the player does neither, must choose a forfeit!

The lifestyle hand that mechanically moves in circles is super creepy {Well done Megableu!} and reminds me of ‘Thing’ from the Addams family movies. When I said this to the kids they were like “What’s the Addams family?” to which I gasped and almost fainted! So those movies are so being watched over this Halloween.
DSC_3434This game is loads of fun and we have had barrels of laughs doing dares and telling truths and in some cases taking a forfeit or two.

This game has shot to the top the kids family game of choice during our family game nights and even though it is perfect for over the Halloween holidays I know my kids will be playing this all year round.

This spookily fun Creepy hand game RRPs for £21.99 and you can find it here.

Do you have a favourite game to play over Halloween?

Disclosure: I was sent these products for the purpose of my review in collaboration with Megableu & Tots100. All thoughts, photos and opinions are my own. 



  1. Raising Mighty Girls
    06/11/2015 / 1:31 PM

    We love the Creepy Hand game – always provides a few laughs and we can get a good amount of family time from it. #MMWBH

  2. 08/11/2015 / 9:54 PM

    Oh those look great fun! Hope you had a wonderful time

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