Letters to Santa Templates {Free Printables}

Letters to Santa Templates {Free Printables}

When I was little, I remember my cousins and I all huddled around my Grannies living room floor. We all had our wee bits of scrap paper and pencils and we wrote down our letters to Santa. We always did this on Christmas Eve as a family and my Grannies house was always the place to be on the day before Christmas. It was lovely. We’d all sing Partridge in a Pear tree and us kids would only ever join in on the “FIIIIVE GOOLD RINGS” part because it was the only part we knew! There would be all kinds of festive fun, but writing our wishes for Santa was the most exciting. 

Once they were all written, we would take it in turns to pop our wish lists into the coal fire. Granny always told us that the ashes of our wishes would flutter up to the North pole and magically appear in Santa’s big book. So that’s how we did Christmas eve when I was little. Nowadays though, it’s all done a little differently. Coal fires are slowly being phased out and nowadays kids are writing letters and physically posting their precious wishes to Santa Claus himself. Or at the very least, his abundance of Elf helpers! 

So I thought, why not create a handful of beautiful Christmas wish list paper, rather than using just plain old boring lined paper! So that’s just what I did! 

This small collection of cute Christmas wish list writing paper templates was a lot of fun to create. I cannot wait to print them off myself for my youngest to write out her wish list to Santa. 

Oh, wait…

Free Christmas letter printables

As soon as she saw them, she picked her favourite and wrote out her Christmas letter to Santa!

You can do it in a whole load of ways. Perhaps, write a letter to Santa!? Telling him how good you’ve been this year, maybe if you did any good deeds and what you wish most for Christmas. Your kids can write a straight-up wish list – there is no right or wrong way just ‘their’ way and that’s what makes it special. Which is why I’ve created the Dear Santa letter printables that I have. Something for everyone {hopefully}

Free Dear Santa letter printables:

Free Christmas letter template

Free Christmas letter template

And because I’m extra awesome, I’ve made an envelope printable too! 

Free Christmas letter template

You can download your own letters to Santa below: 

Letters to Santa free printables

I really hope you like these letters to Santa templates. They were alot of fun to make and create. It’s just something a little nicer {I think} for the kids to jot there Christmas wishes down onto and something a little extra too! 

The envelope was a last-minute creation, so I really hope you like that too! It really gets the kids involved with the whole process and I hope they get everything they wish for, this Christmas!


Dear Santa letter printables

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