My things-to-do-before Christmas Checklist {free printable}

My things-to-do-before Christmas Checklist {free printable}

Let’s be honest, this time of year the stress just invades you doesn’t it. It’s hard not to be consumed by the things you need and so forth. Some days, I actually think I’m pretty organised. But then I blink, another month has passed and I have a minor moment of panic. What would make it all better? A Christmas checklist! 

Maybe I do it to myself i.e take on too much, plan too much or whatever but Christmas is a time for family, making memories and having a bloody good time! Every year I say to myself “I’ll have everything organised and ready for the end of November” mainly so I can enjoy the month of December {relatively stress-free!}. But here we are, the middle of November {how!?} and I have next to nothing complete. 

Sure, I’m {sort-of} on point with the gifts this year. I have 1 out of the five kids sorted. Leaving me with everyone else to buy for {OMG!} and not to mention the wrapping etc and so forth. I’ll not lie, the panic is real. 

So, to help me {and hopefully you, too} I decided to put together a things-to-do before Christmas checklist and hopefully, it helps us stay more organised and a little more stress-free this Christmas. I don’t know about you guys, but being a parent at Christmas makes it so hard to enjoy the festive season, do you know what I mean?

There is always something to make, wrap, gift to someone, write out – you get the jist. I would personally like for it all to be done {or mostly done} within the first week of December. Too adventurous? I hope not because that is my plan!

When it comes to planning Christmas there are quite literally hundreds of things that need to be done. Whether it is cleaning and prepping the house, writing out cards and posting those cards! The list goes on and on – hence my reason to put together this helpful list for us all.

Christmas checklist printable

I have been quite good for the first section already {smug face} and all I have left to do is to order any photo gifts I have in mind and put a deposit down on our turkey. 

I then have a bit of breathing room to prepare for the next lot of things to buy, remember, stock up on, wrap, gift or whatever. Gosh, this time of year really is non-stop isn’t it! 

Before I waffle on {which I could do easily until the New Year!} you can download your Things to do before Christmas list, here;

Anyways, I hope this Christmas to-do list helps you out because it’s already helping me!

Is there any tricks you have for keeping the stress and panic at bay at this time of year?? 

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