An Itty Bitty Christmas Advent with Hallmark

Ever since Itty Bitty’s came onto the market I’ve done nothing but gush about them. They’re super cute and with so many different Itty Bitty’s within their range, there really is something for everyone. I was recently approached to put together an Itty Bitty’s Christmas Advent Calendar for the kids this year, and I love things that are a little different, so we agreed to get involved.

I was sent a gorgeous collection of Itty Bitty’s {24 of the little cuties} and there wasn’t one that I didn’t aww or gleefully squeak over as I looked at each one.  I was also very kindly sent everything I needed to put together my advent and as soon as the children were all tucked up in their beds one evening, I got started.


It was nothing more than popping a numbered sticker onto my little paperchase bags {green and red with white polka dots, which I alternated throughout my advent} and choosing which Itty Bitty to pop into each morning’s surprise Christmas advent bag. When I was finished they all looked like little gifts and that got me excited. If I was excited, then my children will be beside themselves.

Choosing which character to put into which day bag was such a fun thing to do and I wanted to have a theme, in a way. For example, having them open Cat woman one day, then a Joker and working up to Batman. Same with the Star Wars characters and Marvel Itty Bittys.

I mean, you cannot deny how insanely cute Wonderwoman & Flash are, from DC Comics. As well the Joker, ‘Cap’ {Captain America} & the Hulk

Not to mention the very festive & cute Santa & Rudolph itty bitty’s!  Gah! I love them!

I think once all of the itty bitty characters were put into their bags, the number stickers were put on and they were all hung up on a string with mini pegs; it looked super cute. The red & green bags made the advent look really festive and my kids got really excited about opening one each day on the run up to Christmas. 

We usually only have a standard chocolate calendar each year so having this super fun & in my opinion, a quite unique Itty Bitty Christmas advent calendar is lots of fun. I mean, come on…who wouldn’t want to open a little gift every day on the run up to Christmas!? Plus, they make great little stocking fillers too! Just saying.

Disclosure: We were sent this collection of Itty Bittys for the purpose of this post. All thoughts, photos and opinions are my own. 


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