30 Elf on a Shelf ideas for toddlers

It’s almost time for Elf on a Shelf fun & frolics {can you believe how fast this year has gone?} and this year will be the first year that my youngest daughter {3yrs} will be getting to know Tinsel, our Family scout elf and I for one am super excited. We welcomed Tinsel Evergreen into our home, fresh from Elf on a Shelf school, from the snowy terrain of the North Pole, 3yrs ago and the kids have made him one of the family.


But in recent years I’ve been doing it for the older children because little Annabelle was just too little to understand our family scout elf and his mischievously cheeky ways. But this year will be a whole new world of wonder and magic for her to get soaked up in because I’ll be incorporating some fun ways to get her involved in the Elf magic too, and I figured I’d share them with you guys.


So this post is sharing with you; 24 Elf on a Shelf ideas for toddlers.

1. Introduce your Elf with a North Pole breakfast.
2. A fruit loop garland {cheerios on a pipe cleaner!} & you can even hang it on your tree the next day! 😉
3. Wearing tiny elf clothes. {Check out the Claus Couture collection}
4. Leave ingredients out with a sign “Want to bake some cookies?”
5. Peeking out of a stocking

6. Wrapping the tree in toilet paper.
7. Have a mini marshmallow fight with another toy.
8. Sleep in the freezer {because he’s missing home!}
9. Take selfies!
10. Make him a little cape and make him fly like a superhero.
11. Take some baubles from the tree, hide them & the kids have to find them.
12. Ski with candy canes.
13. Have him eat dog biscuits but leave a note saying “Worst cookies EVER!”
14. Peg him out on the washing line.
15. Make an elf-sized breakfast. Iced donuts {cheerios} & mini pancakes.
16. Elf is reading Hansel & Gretel, get the kids to make a gingerbread house.
17. Make a swing from a loo roll holder and hang him from the door.
18. Colour in on some of their colouring books.
19. Make snow angels with flour or sprinkles!
20. Build a family of snowmen.
21. Toast marshmallows over a candle {unlit} or a battery operated tea light.
22. Put him in a jar so you’re child can carry him about for the day!
23. Have a candy cane treasure hunt. Can you find them all?
24. Fill the bath with balloons.
25. Put the elf and some dolls into fluffy socks for a sleepover party!
26. Put googly eyes on everything in your fruit bowl with a note “I have my eyes on you!”
27. Put underwear all over the Christmas tree.
28. Get some silly string and make a mess somewhere.
29. Draw funny faces on the eggs in your fridge!
30. Turn the toilet water a different colour {with food colouring}.


With a little one myself I know these will come in super handy for us! So if you have a family scout elf coming this Christmas, with a little one running about I hope some of these fun Elf on a Shelf ideas for Toddlers come in handy.

D xx

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  1. 08/11/2016 / 6:02 PM

    Aww! What great ideas….I will be using some of these in December!
    I love the one about the Worst cookies EVER! hehehe

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