Halloween Marshmallow pops

I love to bake, but do you know what I love more than baking? Non-baking with the kids! It just makes life so much easier and my kitchen survives a bashing, too. It’s a win-win.

It’s been a whole year since we baked {and non-baked} anything for Halloween, so I thought it was time to share another which is super simple and fun for the kids to join in on. My girls love helping me out in the kitchen {as long as it’s not doing the dishes!} and occasionally my youngest son likes to get involved. But on a whole, they really enjoy it which is lovely. 

These Halloween themed marshmallow pops are crazy easy to do and the things you’ll need are:

  • Paper straws {I bought mine from a local Pound store}
  • Giant campfire marshmallows. These are American jumbo marshmallows which are available from the stateside sections of your local B&M & Tesco Express stores, 
  • Halloween themed frosting from my local B&M. They come in orange & black. However, you can use white chocolate and food gel if preferred.
  • Halloween sprinkles, also from B&M. 

It’s not rocket science to how we made these so I will not patronise you with a ‘how to’ but I will tell you something – they were delicious and really look the part, too! 

I guess, in hindsight, I should have gone with the white chocolate & food gel colouring option – but I had a 4yo at this helm who demanded we use the Halloween frosting instead. Who was I too deny her wishes? Plus, she’s scary when she puts her dinky size 8’s down. 

These were so easy to make & they not only taste great but they look awesome on your party table for Halloween night! 



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  1. 01/11/2017 / 11:45 AM

    This is adorable. I wish I would have seen these sooner. We made Monster Balls. Kids loved it.

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