Halloween Activities for Young Learners

Aside from changing leaves, longer nights, and colder days, October the time for the spookiest night of them all: Halloween. What better way to celebrate than by bringing it into the classroom, as students eagerly get ready for a night of trick or treating? Whether you’re looking for a seasonal craft activity for a fun lesson or something with a more traditional academic angle, you’ll be sure to find a Halloween activity that your young learners will be sure to love. All you need are some educational resources and you can let your imagination run wild.

Pumpkin Decorating

Halloween Activities for Young Learners

Although pumpkin carving is a fun Halloween-themed activity, it requires constant supervision from an adult, and can often be tricky for young children who haven’t yet mastered the fine motor skills needed. For a fun alternative, try pumpkin decorating instead. You can really let your imagination run wild and use anything from pain to pipe cleaners, stickers, glitter and craft paper to create spooky pumpkin creatures.

Interactive Storytelling

Halloween Activities for Young Learners

Everyone loves storytelling and a spooky tale filled with witches, spells, and things that go bump in the night is the ideal way to delight youngsters without actually frightening them. By using puppets and props, not only can you bring your Halloween story to life, but it will also teach children important listening skills,

Vocabulary Building

Introducing unusual words and new phrases is a great way of building children’s vocabulary. For a fun seasonal twist, print off Halloween themed images such as cats, bats, witches and pumpkins, and create an activity based around naming as many of these correctly as young learners can. You can also create a Halloween vocabulary building activity by naming various seasonal items and asking the pupils in your class to draw them.

Mask Painting

Art and craft activities are great for encouraging independent play, developing fine motor skills and nurturing creative tendencies in young learners. This Halloween, why not try mask painting in your art and crafts class? All you need are some plain plastic or papier-mache masks and ready mix-paints to get you started. Depending on the age range of the kids you are setting this activity up with, they could even make their own papier-mache masks a day in advance before painting them.

Bubble Paint Monster

Halloween Activities for Young Learners

Another messy art activity that young learners will be sure to love is creating bubble paint monsters. This activity is a hit all year round but is especially fitting for Halloween. To create colourful creatures, all you need is some paint, washing up liquid, water, and straws. There are two methods children can then use to make their monsters: carefully blow bubbles into the mixture then scoop these on to the paper, or dipping their straw into the mixture and dripping it on the paper. If your students are too young to properly blow their own bubbles you can always do this for them, to avoid them accidentally ingesting the pain and washing up liquid mixture.

Frankenworms Gummy Experiment

Halloween Activities for Young Learners

Young learners can try their hand at being Dr Frankenstein with this delightful experiment. Turning the baking soda and vinegar volcano experiment on its head, this fun activity allows young learners to bring their own gummy worm to life and watch as the wiggle around in the vinegar solution. To create the frankenworms, simply soak sliced gummy worms in a water and baking soda solution before placing them in the vinegar solution and watching them wiggle.

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