Cuddles my Dream Kitten Review

We were very kindly sent a new addition to our family, Cuddles: My Dream kitten from Little Live Pets and for my 4-year-old daughter – it was love at first sight. Cuddles is the latest toy from the gorgeous Little live pets range and the first one we’ve ever owned. 

I’ve never really been convinced by this style of interactive toy, but I’ll be the first to admit that you can easily – if just for a momentforget that Cuddles is just a toy and not a real cat!

Cuddles comes with an instruction booklet which shows you where to pat/stroke your new kitten to activate different reactions. It also comes with batteries already in the product which was lovely, however it does require 4 x AAA batteries when it comes round to changing them. 

Cuddles has a range of features, which are:-

  • She’ll nuzzle like a real kitten
  • She will feed from her bowl 
  • Her tail twirls
  • Her eyes open & close
  • Cuddles comes with her own adoption certificate & name tag
  • She meows & purrs too

You can pat/stroke Cuddles on her back and she will twirl her tail, purr & meow as a response. You can hold & press her nose for her to tilt her head and nuzzle as you stroke her cheeks {this is very cute}, you can feed her by placing her nose into her bowl {she’ll make lapping sounds then let you know when she is full} and she’ll even fall asleep & make sleeping sounds. 

Annabelle really likes that she can make Cuddles lie down or sit up – she comes with slightly weighted paws to help you position her easily. She is super fluffy and very soft and Annabelle is completely besotted. They now go everywhere together and I can often hear Annabelle just checking in on her new kitty from time to time, asking her if she’s OK or if she needs a cuddle. Aww. 

When it was time to give Cuddles a new name, Annabelle – being the fabulously creative four-year-old that she is – named her ‘Rainbow Unicorn’ because….why not, right?

Cuddles the Kitten can be purchased from your local Toy stores and RRP for £54.99. Normally I would think this was expensive for this kind of toy, but Cuddles is genuinely such a lovely product that we more than recommend it. 

Disclosure: This product was sent to us for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, photos and opinions are entirely my own. 



  1. 16/10/2017 / 10:38 PM

    This looks like such a lovely toy for little ones and it seems to do a fair deal. I bet mine would want one from Santa if they saw this!!!

  2. 17/10/2017 / 7:45 PM

    Oh, this seems like such a great toy for kids and I would have absolutely loved it when I was a little one!

  3. 17/10/2017 / 11:19 PM

    OMG I would have loved this growing up! This is basically an advanced tamagotchi lol. Love it!

  4. 18/10/2017 / 6:41 PM

    Awwww! Your daughter looks so happy, it’s adorable. I had a cat toy that moved but it also sounded like some creepy robot. So I am thinking they’ve improved a lot!

  5. Crystal Gareau
    20/10/2017 / 1:30 PM

    Awww, super cute. She looks like she really is excited to have that kitty.

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