Celebrating 75yrs with Ricola! #SP

When I was little, I have fond memories of visiting my Grandmother on a Saturday, walking her dog, indulging in the giant pot of stew she’d have made and also relaxing on a chair next to her and enjoying some of her sweet treats {that she had an endless amount of}. Plus, what is it with Grannies smelling like peppermint? Mine did… and that smell will forever remind me of those Saturdays spent with her.  

So when Ricola got in touch, asking me if I would like to review their mouthwateringly good swiss herbal sweets, all the way from Switzerland, I was happy too.  

The herb drop was the very first product to be made and created by Ricola and it’s secret recipe contains a magical mixture of 13 different herbs, which all form the basis of the Ricola herb drop. I was lucky enough to be sent a special edition package, containing their beautiful angular sweets to mark the occasion of the 75th‐year anniversary of Ricola Original.  

Ricola review

The 13 herbs used to make the Ricola herb drop are the following: Burnet, elderblossom, speedway, peppermint, sage, marshmallow, thyme, lady’s mantle, horehound, plantain, cowslip, yarrow, and mallow.  

Ricola review
Ricola review

Ricola only use herbs that have been cultivated in the Swiss mountains and I wasn’t too sure how they would taste considering all of the flavours involved, but they really do taste amazing ‐ and small just like my Grandmother did; sweet, with a hint of peppermint.  

Ricola review
The sweets are delicious and have this ability to shoot me right back to my childhood of Saturday afternoons with my grandparents and a place of many happy childhood memories.   

To celebrate Ricola`s 75th year, they are having a huge sweepstake. The prize that you can win is an original herbal sweet made of real gold! You can pop over to enter the sweepstake here. Best of luck to you ‐ what a unique prize to win to help celebrate Ricola`s 75th Anniversary!

Disclosure: I was sent a packet of Ricola sweets to review and I was also compensated for my time. All thoughts, photos and opinions are my own. 


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