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When you’re a kid, all you have to worry about is…well…nothing! But when you become a grown-up, you have countless things to worry about. You have families to raise, children to protect, bills to pay and more. It may shock you to know that we do not currently have any home insurance...yet. It is on our list of things to look into but as we don’t own our own home {yet!} I didn’t think home insurance was something we could potentially look into.

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Apparently, after a little research, I was wrong. The older we get the more we have accumulated over the years. Memories, family photos {we didn’t have the ability to digitalise our images 20yrs ago} as I for one have hundreds of loose photographs begging me to place them into an album. Which I will get round too, eventually. Maybe. I sort of prefer leafing through them from a box. But either way, if something was to happen {touch wood} and our home was the target of a house fire and or burglary, then I know that other than the safety of my family, losing the items inside those keepsake boxes would crush me. 

It’s weird the little things we find precious. We could have the nicest looking sofa, that we’ve yet to pay off. Or have a shiny new SMEG fridge freezer glowing in your kitchen, but at the end of it all, those are just things. They’re meaningless. Losing your child’s birth band, or perhaps losing their first baby blanket and booties etc. Those items are precious and irreplaceable. Those items cannot be rebought or ‘put on the insurance’.

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Losing my children’s artwork from when they were little would crush me. Their first clay models from Primary 1, the sleepsuit they came home in from the hospital, all of those precious little items in those boxes are endless and priceless. 

So if someone was to say to me what would you value most in your home? I’d say those. Without a doubt. But regardless of what is ranked the most valuable, I guess on a whole the four walls of your home is too. So this weekend, we’ll be looking into home insurance, which, thinking about doing that makes me feel very grown up indeed!

You can read a recent PRESS RELEASE- Irish home owners rate family photos ‘most important’ right here.

*This is a collaborative post.


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