An update on our speech delay journey

Ever since I shared my last post about our speech delay journey things have changed so much. Annabelle has turned corners, hurdled fences and come along so much during the last few months and it is crazy the difference in her ability to communicate with us. In fact, it’s wonderful.

Looking back to January of this year, 2016, I never thought we would be where we are at today. I seriously thought she would begin her pre-school journey and still struggle with her words. I thought she wouldn’t be able to tell us how she felt or anything and that scared me.

Now, she can. Sure, there are still some pronunciation issues there but we can talk. We can have an actual conversation! To be able to say that just fills me up with so much joy. It is something we have wanted to do for so long. It is such a simple pleasure and we have had to wait for that a little longer than most and to now have that, is just amazing.

She can tell me if she would like orange or blackcurrant juice. She can ask me to help her pull her trousers up after using the bathroom.  I also love listening to her tell her Daddy what she has done throughout her day. Telling him that she swung high ‘up in the sky’ on the swings at the park. Hearing her use her own thoughts and being able to say them is a feeling that you’ll never understand if you haven’t gone through your own speech delay journey.

Now sure, we still have hurdles to overcome because she still hasn’t conquered her ‘f’ & ‘v’ sounds. However, they’ll come along when they are good and ready. The stage she is at now makes me comfortable enough to know that come September, she’ll be just fine during her afternoons at preschool.

Speech delay journey
I guess the main joy of this is the simple things. Being able to ask her if she’d like this one or that and her being able to tell me. Being able to talk her round to understanding that she cannot have an ice-cream until after dinner and if a tantrum breaks out, we’re able to diffuse it much faster. The distance she has come since the beginning of the year is amazing and it’s humbling to think that we did all of that work with her. Us. Her parents.

Speech & Language saw her once, for 30 minutes. Not very long at all and then left her without their aid for months. So her hard work and ours are paying off and we will just continue doing what we are doing until she is fully up to speed and levels up to being a champion chatterbox. Not that she isn’t already! But I’d be lying if I wasn’t loving it.

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