Preparing my child for Primary school

Since Annabelle’s tongue tie diagnosis in December 2015, preparing her for Primary school has been one of our top priorities. Of course, building that communication barrier with her was first & foremost our first building block. Then it’s been focusing on her attention span, learning our sounds and words and of course forming sentences. Thankfully all of our hard work, as a little speech delay butt-kicking team has paid off. 

I’m in no way saying that the journey over the last year was an easy one. It’s had many steps forward {and back!}; we’ve had upsetting moments, as well as ecstatic ones. But the most important thing was getting our little non-talking girl, speaking and communicating. This last year has seen some pretty insane and frankly, quite impressive tantrums from my girl due to her speech delay. I’d be lying if I said each tantrum she had didn’t break my heart a little.

However, focusing on where she is right now, we could not be more proud. Sure, she still has a few hurdles to conquer but hopefully, come September we’ll have cracked them together. So alongside cracking those final speech delay issues, we’re focusing on her counting to ten & writing her name. I managed to find a free name tracing worksheet that I knew would be a fun way to help her learn to write her name.

Here’s Annabelle learning to write her name


As for counting to ten, we’re using the learning through music method {also, my girl loves to dance!}. I found this great Numbers song on youtube and we’ve teamed that up with helping her with sounds using this jolly songs music video, also from youtube.

Depending on how long her focus is, really depends on how long she gives them her attention. Sometimes she’ll watch them all and other times she’s just not be in the mood, and that’s OK. I find having them playing in the background, as we play, can be just as effective and I’ll often find her singing along.

I think if we focus on these three things then little Miss Belle will be well on her way to being ready for Primary school, speech delay be damned! Now, roll on April to see if she’s been accepted into her chosen school!

D xx



  1. 12/01/2017 / 10:40 AM

    That’s brilliant. Exciting times ahead. We had to register Matthew in his school by a few days just before Christmas just to make it into the September list. We got the acceptance letter a few days before Christmas then. YAY

    • 12/01/2017 / 9:50 PM

      Wow, so you guys heard super quickly then! I got my form for her in December and had it all filled in, handed in within 48hrs. We won’t hear if she has a place or not until April though. YAY for your boy though!

  2. My Little Kiddy
    14/01/2017 / 10:53 PM

    I guess we are both in the same shoes. Except that, we registered our little princess the previous year. I hope you will soon overcome the speech delay and will be happily accepted in April 🙂

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