Annabelle at 3yrs old!

Annabelle turns 3
I realise I am a little late doing this post {by about 3 months!} but I’m a busy Mum and life since the beginning of 2016 has been a blur of sibling rivalry, homework, after-school activities and well, life!

So, how is little Annabelle getting on now that she is three years old? For starters, her love of arts and crafts has blossomed. Since Christmas, she absolutely loves chilling out at the dinner table, craft box out and happily pritt-sticking her afternoon away. If she’s not got sticky fingers and up to her eyeballs in buttons and sequins then she loves painting us up some gorgeous pieces of art on her easel.

Her speech is coming along nicely, ever since our first session at speech & language therapy last month, she is much easier to have little conversations with. She is beginning to string 4 or more words together which is super exciting, and even though the pronunciation still isn’t there 100%, she’s getting there and we’re really proud of her progress.  She still has a few months to go yet before starting her pre-school year in nursery {how is she even starting school next September!?!} so we are hoping her delayed speech will be even less of an issue for her when he start date comes round.

Her eating habits have changed dramatically. When she was a baby we were big BLW fans. It worked a treat for us and Annabelle loved it. She would eat everything you put in front of her, however, nowadays that story has changed – alot! She’s transformed into a frustratingly picky eater! She rarely eats her vegetables anymore, still point blank refuses sandwiches at lunch time and would happily live off sausages for the rest of her life. I don’t know why her eating habits have changed, but we’re rolling with it, what else can you do?

Annabelle turns 3

If you follow me on Instagram or facebook you’ll remember the almost daily photos I would share of her lying face down on the ground in the middle of the street, throwing one of her mentally exhausting temper tantrums. Thankfully those are dissolving *touches wood* into being a thing of the past! Don’t get me wrong, we still have the odd one, but I’m very happy to say {I hope I’m not jinxing it when I do} that they are getting less and less and I for one could not be happier about that.

Annabelles tantrums were award winning, not to mention exhausting and they had this ability to make the strongest of willed folk, cry in a corner in a heap asking for their own Mummy. So believe me when I say having those be less frequent nowadays is a true blessing.

Annabelle turns 3

She’s been out of nappies for over 6mths now and the same with being fully dry during the night. We were very lucky with this because when I look back to her older Sister coming out of nappies, Ellie was still in night nappies for a good year after she was potty trained. Annabelle however, conquered both quite close to each other.

Lastly, she sleeps like a dream! Our bedtime routine is pretty solid. Her bedroom wall lights go on, a book is picked, Daddy snuggles in next to her as I read her the story – then she kicks Daddy out of bed {literally} which gets lots of giggles, kisses are given “Night Night Mama & Daddy” is mumbled as she curls up to go to sleep.

Other than the above Annabelle loves drawing, doing jigsaw puzzles, singing nursery rhymes {Twinkle twinkle, Insy Winsy & Row row row your boat}, playing hide and seek and rocking out with a microphone & her guitar! So there you go, a little update on how Annabelle is getting on and progressing as she has turned three.

We’ll check in again soon for another update! I have a feeling the next one will have all kind of changes to share!! My baby is growing up too fast! Someone make it stop! 


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