Ways to keep children occupied over the Summer

When the days are long and the temperature is soaring, it can only mean one thing: the summer holidays have arrived. For parents, it means six weeks of coming up with a bank of inexpensive and fun activities to keep children occupied all day long, to avoid the words “Mum, I’m bored” from spilling out of your child’s mouth. The key is to not count down the days until school starts again, and instead keep yourself and your children happy, allowing you to get the welcome break to sip cocktails or catch up on a book, and soak up the sun on your inflatable lounger.

One way to keep your children busy, without having to spend masses of money, is purchasing an inflatable swimming pool or large-sized hot tub, which will be sure to encounter endless hours of fun, enjoyable and stress-free days. When it comes to fun things to do in the summer, there are very few activities that prove to be more enjoyable than pool time, no matter what your child’s age.

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Here are five safe, inexpensive and fun games to keep your kids happy and busy in the pool all summer long:

1. Beach Ball Race – The aim is to get a large inflatable swimming pool toy, such as a beach ball, and see who can push theirs to the other side of the pool first – throwing is cheating!

2. Sharks and fishes – One child is the shark and stands in the middle of the pool – the rest of the children are little fish. When the shark says “Go!”, the fishes jump into the pool and try to get past the shark without getting ‘tagged’. The children who get ‘tagged’ are out, and this carries on until the last fish swimming has a one-on-one with the shark – the winner!

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3. Catching coins – This is a simple one, but kids really enjoy it. Throw any loose change you may have in your purse into the pool, and pick up coins from the bottom – like diving for treasure.

4. Float race using inflatable pool floats – such as tubes, loungers, pool noodles and big inflatable animals – get your children to have a race to see who can either stay on the float for longest or who can reach one side of the pool to the other the quickest.

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5. Hot potato – The goal is simple: keep a beach ball in the air and do not let it touch the water. Every child loves to play this game with balloons with their friends at birthday parties, so why not recreate it in the pool?

However, before you get caught up in the fun, it is important to keep safe. Before you begin playing games, it is vital to set some ground rules to avoid any nasty accidents occurring. Furthermore, it is just as important to keep your pool clean – it is worth purchasing a floating chlorine dispenser that sits in the pool whilst you play, to help keep a watchful eye over your pool’s chlorine levels, which doesn’t prevent you from having fun.

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  1. 20/02/2018 / 3:44 PM

    Lots of great fun water activities to try out with the kids this summer – my favourite is the sharks & fishes. We do have a diving treasure box set filled with pretend coins, jewels and treasure, which the kids love! (similar to your catching coins game).

    • 21/02/2018 / 10:51 AM

      The thought of trying those out is so incredibly exciting! How amazing that you have a diving treasure box!

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