Visiting Dublin Zoo & their new Zoorassic World!

As the Autumn rolls in with it’s falling leaves and all of its colour and cold windy days, I can’t help but think back to the heat of the summer. We had such an amazing time and on our Summer bucket list, we hopped on a train to visit Dublin zoo

The kids had a blast on the train down, which took about 2hrs – but thanks to travel games, tablets and snacks we made it there just fine. Even the four-year-old handled the long journey like an absolute trooper. 

Our first stop was to the Meerkat restaurant, not to eat sadly {although the place and food looked amazing} it was the first lot of toilets we came too – hurrah! But how cool that you could sit at a table next to a meerkat enclosure! 

A young male lion enjoying his lunch. 

An absolutely stunning snow leopard. These are so rare to see in the wild so it was such an amazing privilege to be able to see them in person. So, so beautiful. 

Annabelle having a peek in at the Grey wolves.

There is a hippo in there! Hiding from the scorching sunshine. 

These guys are majestic!



The nerd in me squee’d at this exhibition! 

We had such an amazing time at Dublin zoo! Although a few tips for you if you decide to go: Bring your own picnic! We found the cost of eating in the zoo insane! For 1 adult meal and 3 kids meals it came to forty euro – which let’s face it, is nuts! Especially for a few chicken nuggets, a handful of chips and a drink each! Also, there weren’t enough seats available either -, especially on insanely busy days. But you can sit around by the sea lions if you’re stuck like we were!

There are plenty of bins available around which is great. They also have water fountains available for you to fill up your water bottles free of charge – another plus point! There was popcorn & candy floss vendors sprinkled around which was fun to see – not so fun when you had a 4yo who wanted something from every single one. I also loved how many play parks there were available for the kids to play on too. 

In fairness, the cost of the food is my only bad thing to say – which can be voided by just bringing your own – which we will do next time. But it’s certainly an amazing place to visit. HUGE so make sure you wear good walking shoes and don’t forget to visit their new Zoorassic World – very cool!

Side note: For 1 adult & 3 children, entry to the zoo was around 56 euro.


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