Video Calls from Santa with the Portable North Pole!

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I first heard of the PNP, Portable North Pole a good few years ago and when I made my first video I couldn’t wait to blow my children’s minds with their own personal message from Santa Claus himself. Now a few years on the PNP has grown massively and my facebook newsfeed in December is sprinkled with glorious videos to children around the world, from Santa himself {and his elves to of course!}.

If you’re new to the PNP, you’re maybe wondering what is it! Well, it is a special console that Santa and his elves have put together to send messages to children around the world.

PNP console
The Portable North Pole does allow you to make a video for your child for free and once you’ve downloaded your video you’re even able to download an official ‘Nice list’ certificate for your child, which I think is a gorgeous addition.

portable north pole #
nice list PNP
However, as I mentioned earlier in the post, the PNP has grown so much and become used by parents around the world, so it’s recently added a special premium option to it’s direct line to the North Pole.

I was very kindly gifted a special PNP gold pass to be able to check out all of the other amazing features that the Portable North Pole {PNP} has to offer. The gold pass allows you to create unlimited premium videos, have unlimited calls, you’re able to access videos from previous years in your own personal archive & you get all of your videos in a visually fabulous HD quality.

With the gold pass you are able to make and download any of the 7 premium videos for your child{ren} including, a visit of one of the elves houses, a tour of the post office {where all of your child{rens} letters are sent to be sorted}, a song sung to you by the elves, Santa showing you secret places around the North Pole, a movie star video and a beautifully personalised video to share with your child on Christmas eve. Let’s not forget the option to create & download a super fun Birthday video too!
portable north pole birthday vide

Another advantage of the Gold pass is that the videos are twice as long as the videos provided for free. You’re able to include x2 more personalisations and include x5 photos to add into the video{s}. Making each video a truly personal and magical experience for your child.

There is one more thing that the Portable North Pole can offer you that will truly blow the MINDS of your child{ren}. You can create and personalise a phone call directly to your mobile from Santa!! There is a range of different topics for the call to choose from and I honestly cannot wait to see my children’s faces when they get their special phone calls on Christmas eve!
Santa calls PNP
I cannot wait to widen the eyes of my children with their special video messages & phone calls from Santa this Christmas! The gold pass will cost you £9.99 and for every purchase on the PNP website, 5% gets donated to children’s hospitals.

Are you a PNP regular or is this your first year? 

Disclosure: I was kindly gifted the gold pass for the purposes of this review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 



  1. 16/12/2015 / 12:12 AM

    What a brilliant idea, and love the idea of a phone call as well – can imagine how magical it must be for kids to receive these 🙂

  2. 16/12/2015 / 5:00 AM

    I am very familiar with PNP having used it when my eldest was younger (….even though I’m not a huge fan of the Father Christmas thing). It was a very good service back then, it sounds like things have gone from strength to strength. Thanks for hosting #MMWBH

  3. 16/12/2015 / 1:42 PM

    that’s pretty cool. We had the Bubble Guppies call my daughter for her birthday and she loved it. Can’t imagine how much better this would be

  4. 16/12/2015 / 7:52 PM

    This is great! I noticed some of these popping up and never got round to looking into it, will be signing up now! I have an app where my 2yr old can call Santa (which she does about 6 times a day!) so I know she will love this! Thanks 🙂


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