Having fun on the farm with Tukan & Friends

My youngest daughter loves to pinch my phone whenever she can; it’s a kid thing! Knowing that stealing my phone is one of her favourite things to do I make sure I’ve got appropriate games & apps available for her to play. Counting games, fun rhyming apps and even discovery apps; like Tukan & Friends.

Tukan & Friends is a fun and educational discovery app; perfect for children aged between 1-4yrs and it allows you to explore a little village farm. Tukan & friends cut out any text and in-app purchases as well as being 100% safe for your child. Bonus! {Has your child ever made any in-game purchases? Mine has!}.


So, what can you do on the farm?

Well, what would you generally do on a farm? You can go and feed the horses, you can shear sheep, feed rabbits, hatch chicks {aww} and even assemble a tractor. However, my daughter’s personal favourite game is to catch the animals poop, to use it as fertiliser to plant pretty flowers! 

You can play as one of two little explorers; Alma & Anker with their pet Toucan of course. They’re setting out to explore the world {and beyond!} and Tukan & friends is the first app in the series.

How much is the app? 

Not as much as I bet you’re thinking right now! Because it is only £2.29 which compared to a lot of other games & apps available, the price is very good.

I love any educational game for my child to enjoy. Tukan & friends will encourage children to learn about food, animals and life on the farm. Encouraging them to ask questions, get answers {from you glorious parents} and educating their little minds. 

The app is available on Google play, on App store/iTunes & Amazon.

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