Family time with Minecraft & Xbox UK.

It’s no secret that we’re a big gaming family; I don’t think there is a day that goes by that one or more of us is on a gaming console. Of course, the children have to earn game time in our house but when I shared the news with them that we were going to be working with Xbox UK on their Minecraft Family Campaign, I honestly believe the opposite side of the planet heard their excitement. I’d be lying if I didn’t let out a little nerdy yelp too!


Being part of the Xbox UK Minecraft Family Blogger campaign we were very kindly sent out a Xbox One S Minecraft bundle. Minecraft has been a game that we’ve played for a good number of years now. I’ve always played in on the PC {if I’m honest} and the children have played it on their consoles. I have always wanted to conquer the Xbox controller gameplay in Minecraft and reviewing the Xbox One is a good a time as any. It’s actually not as hard as I would have thought and within minutes I was jumping between my crafting table and items screen like a boss.


If you’re not familiar with Minecraft {which let’s face it, if you’re not, you’ve been under a rock somewhere!} then here’s a simple explanation of what the game is and what makes it fun.


Minecraft is a sandbox style game {allowing the character to roam around a pretty much endless world, exploring their surroundings}. It is a game were you can dig i.e. ‘mine’ and build i.e. ‘craft’ with a wide range of different 3D style blocks in a large free-roaming world with altering terrains and habitats to explore. Within the game, the sun rises and sets, just like any normal day does. During the day everything is all roaming animals {dogs, sheep, pigs, chickens etc}, everything is blue skies and pretty surroundings. However, by night, the monsters come out to play and the idea is for you to survive. This is where mining and crafting will come into play.


You start the game with nothing. No tools, no weapons, no armour, nada. So what’s the first thing you do? You go and punch a tree to retrieve wooden blocks. Collect enough to craft yourself a crafting table; collect more wood to craft yourself wooden tools i.e pickaxe {aids with digging}, an axe {helps with chopping down wood}, a sword {helps with surviving against the creepers and bowman}. You get the idea.

Now, this is where you up your game…

The wooden tools will only last for so many digs, chops or monster kills; so you need to dig for minerals with your pickaxe. You can dig into the ground and mine for iron ore {helps you make stronger tools} and you can even mine for minerals such as coal, red stone, gold and even diamond.

You get the gist, right?

We really enjoy having Minecraft time together. We’ve made a world just for us to create, build and mine on. We plan to build villages, farms, mine caverns into underground bases, giant characters that we like i.e. Freddy fazbear from FNAF, Diamond Steve or even a giant silk snatcher {from the campfire tales skin pack}.

The imagination and creativity that flows from my kids when they play Minecraft is amazing. I think having that creative mode in your mind and knowing that you can create anything you can think of is such an exciting thing. It excites my children for sure and as their Parent, it’s pretty awesome seeing what they can come up with.

Aside from being creative and letting that imagination flow I also think Minecraft is a great game for kids to play because it educates and entertains its players. I don’t let me children play all day every day, let me assure you. However, letting them play for around 30mins to 1hr a day isn’t a bad thing either.

Here is why playing Minecraft is great for your child;

– It encourages abstract thinking.

– Creativity flows and you can build anything; even that castle that you’ve seen in your dreams.

– It teaches children to finish something they have started.

– Minecraft makes Maths fun. e.g. Geometry; Minecraft uses shapes & space that can make a task easier to comprehend and therefore, tackle. 

– It teaches teamwork.

– There’s zero violence in Minecraft.

– It encourages teamwork and it also appeals to everyone.

I think all of those pointers speak for themselves, don’t you agree? So we will carry on playing Minecraft as a family for as long as we can. We will build everything that our minds desire and impress ourselves with our creations. We will create what we see in our dreams and grow confident that if we put our mind to something, anything is possible.

Disclosure: This product was sent to me for the purpose of my review. All thoughts & opinions are 100% my own. 


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