Spring/Summer Adventures with GORE-TEX® – Review

The brand GORE-TEX has been a great love of mine ever since my teenage years. It was my go-to brand as I prepared to hike up the Mourne Mountains or do my Duke of Edinborough challenges. With that, I can now proudly say that I am working with GORE-TEX as one of their Family ambassadors where the children will get sent out shoes to try out with each season!

Excuse me while I let out a little WOOHOOO!

I am thrilled to be working with such an amazing brand and my three younger children have been very lucky to be sent out their first GORE-TEX footwear to try out.

Ellie chose a very stylish pair for herself {I’m actually looking at getting a pair myself because I think they are GORGEOUS!}. They tie-up, look great and comfortable; plus they keep her feet aired and dry. Do you really need anything else?

Annabelle’s just learning to put on her own shoes and I love that she is getting better at strapping on her own shoes, so the velcro fastening was a must for her. Plus, how gorgeous is the purply pink/white/grey combo! 

Jacobs shoe is a cool blue & white pair of trainers, and due to him not being quite there yet with tying up his shoelaces, he was pretty happy with the double velcro straps.

One of our favourite places to go {when the weather allows us} is the Viaducts that luckily aren’t too far from where we live. Its a gorgeous area for a big day adventure and a great place for the kids to really put their GORE-TEX footwear to the test.

As soon as I saw my children wearing their GORE-TEX footwear I knew I didn’t need to worry about comfort, as speaking from experience; GORE-TEX footwear is comfortable.

DSC_2447DSC_2452 gortex2

The kids absolutely love their new trainers. They all fit beautifully, so there are no marks on the backs of their heels and due to the shoe design to be ‘breathable’, after much running around in the Summer afternoon heat, there wasn’t a sweaty foot in sight {or smelt!}. So our Spring/Summer GORE-TEX kids footwear get a big thumbs up all round from us! Keep an eye out for the kids having adventures with their Autumn/Winter range soon!

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