Rockin’ my Mama style with Simply Be

I’ve never been any good at being ‘stylish’ – like, ever! I’ve always had that fallen-into-the-wardrobe-and-came-out-in-whatever-I-fell-into sort of look. And I think I rocked those looks pretty well – until I looked back at old photos and can do nothing but cringe at my fashion choices. Man, I made some monumentally bad choices. There was even a goth phase…

As I’ve got older and accepted that my fashion sense is never going to be very good – I can’t help but admire my own determination to try!

I’ve collaborated with Simply Be and was kindly given the opportunity to choose an outfit for myself. I always find opportunities like this really exciting. It’s like I’m being given this chance to step out of my own fashion-fueled comfort zone {which consists of geeky t-shirts and skinny jeans} into something a little nicer. Also with Simply Be accommodating for the curvier ladies of the world – something flattering too. 

I chose a t-shirt – no surprises there, and some skinny jeans, again that wouldn’t be like me at all, would it? But nevertheless, the Grey/Black badge detail t-shirt is so easy to wear with anything from jeans, shorts and even skirts. I love the round neck of the top and the cute badge details are very in this season too. It feels nice and soft as well as being really comfortable to wear.  

When I was searching for some new jeans I decided to go for the shape & sculpt high-waisted skinny jeans. I’ve never gone with a high-waisted jean before and the shape & sculpt feature really appealed to me. My mum-tum needs some serious shaping & sculpting! The one thing, other than the comfortable stretchy denim of the jeans, I loved the double buttoning on the waist of the jeans too. It’s something that I have never personally had before in a pair of jeans but they definitely sculpt and shape my voluptuous lower half which makes me happy either way. 

To round off my new outfit, I chose a pair of Toms – I have a thing about a cute pair of espadrilles because they are incredibly comfy. I chose a pair of the classic Toms canvas espadrilles in navy; I was a little worried about the ‘small fitting’ in the reviews and even though when I put mine on for the first time they easily felt like a size 3! After wearing them for an hour or so they stretched out and they’re now easily the comfiest pair of shoes I own. So yes, the Toms canvas shoes are quite a small fitting, but they just need breaking into stretch the material out a little. 

Altogether, I love the outfit that I chose. The tee is super soft & comfy, the jeans fit beautifully and not to give this review a home run or anything, but once those little Toms were broken in? They’re one of the comfiest pairs of shoes I own. 

*This is a collaboration with SimplyBe. 



  1. 21/09/2017 / 5:21 PM

    You chose a beautiful outfit.. I particularly love the top and the espadrilles.. I wear mine all the time as they are super comfy!

  2. 21/09/2017 / 8:54 PM

    I haven’t ever purchased anything from Simply Be, but I’ll have to have a look. These are some great picks!

  3. Laura Dove
    21/09/2017 / 10:06 PM

    What a gorgeous outfit! I always see the Simply Be adverts on TV, they have a great range!

  4. 21/09/2017 / 10:31 PM

    I love the outfit you have chosen, I really like Toms too. I had some espadrilles this summer but they didn’t last long, perhaps it will have to be Toms next year!

  5. 22/09/2017 / 2:45 AM

    There is nothing wrong going thru a Goth phase!! I think that is rather cool actually….the Simply Be outfit looks casual and comfortable..

  6. 22/09/2017 / 11:46 AM

    The shoes look really comfy and I love the detailing on the top x

  7. Jacqueline
    24/09/2017 / 5:48 PM

    I love high a waist jeans, they’re flattering on almost every body type. There is an art to dressing well that anyone can learn. The trick is to own quality, timeless pieces, that you don’t have to replace for a long, long time.

  8. Michelle
    25/09/2017 / 5:38 AM

    Looks like a great comfortable outfit. Never shopped at simply be – must try it

  9. 26/09/2017 / 10:35 AM

    What a fab choice of clothing! I love TOMS and high waisted jeans are a must for everybody!

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