A review of the Calumet 7300 4-section Tripod

Calumet 7300 tripod review
Photography has always been a great love of mine and it’s also a field that I believe I’ll be forever learning news with. Photography has such a wide field of different areas to dabble in, i.e. Portraits, Landscapes, Partys, Nightclub, Low-light, etc and I wish I could just inhale it all at once. But sadly, Rome wasn’t built in a day!

tripod calumet
My photography bag is slowly growing in accessories, from camera straps, lens, filters etc and to add to my collection further, Calumet kindly sent me out their 7300 4-section tripod to review.

I have owned tripods in the past, but they have always been those cheap, flimsy ones? You know they ones I mean, but this beauty is anything but. From the first touch, you can actually feel how strong and sturdy this tripod is {weighing a sturdy 2.6kg it is in no way lightweight}, but that still got my inner photo nerd pretty excited.

This tripod is designed to handle not only my digital DSLR camera, but it can also support 35mm cameras too. The 7300 tripod has four-section legs with quick-release leg locks which make setting it up {whether you are at home, in the studio or in a field in the middle of nowhere}, super easy to do.

7300 tripod from calumet
The height adjustments for the 7300 tripod are pretty awesome, for example, the maximum height it can go to is 171.5cm {67.5in} & if you require a sturdy low-level height to gain your shot, then the minimum height is tripod can achieve is 27.3cm {10.75in}. The tripod also has a split-shaft centre column that allows you to take low-angle shots, this feature is one that I personally cannot wait to test run! I’m waiting for some frost-covered flowers for that, so stay tuned!

The 7300 4-section tripod is the first tripod I have owned that has foam covered legs for maximum over-the-shoulder carrying comfort. Although I will be putting the Calumet Medium tripod bag on my Birthday wish list! So I hope the darling man reads this and takes heed! 😉

Another feature I love about this tripod is the spirit level that is built into the head which makes keeping my photos nice and level. I know when it has come to editing my images there is nothing more tedious than having to straighten up images in photoshop, and there is always one or two that needs it. Well, for me there is anyway!

Calumet tripod

So this feature will come in super duper handy me for personally. So that feature along with the three-way pan/tilt quick-release plate for mounting your camera with ease {including the safety lock for added security}, this product has everything any photography lover could possibly need a tripod.

What is your favourite photography accessory?

Disclosure: Calumet sent me this tripod for the purpose of my review. All thoughts, photos & opinions are my own. 


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