Planning a day in London

London, since becoming a blogger, has become a place that I’m quite accustomed too. I’m even quite the pro when it comes to tackling the underground tube trains. However, the hustle and bustle of the City is still something I find hard to get used too. Everyone in London is always rushing and I guess that’s how you can spot the non-Londoners. The ‘tourists’. They’re the ones who are dawdling through the streets rather than speed walking and the ones who are stopping to take photos of all the cool sights.

This weekend my eldest daughter and I are travelling to London for a super cool opportunity with the Disney channel – I’ll share more soon! The event itself is quite short leaving us the entire afternoon to explore London. We’ve been to London a few times together {you can see those here & here} and both times we visited the National History Museum. I’ve also been to London a few times on my own and would love her to see some of the wondrous sights that I have. However, it’s all about timing and tube trains and will we be able to fit X, Y & Z into our day trip? Hence the planning!

After our event, which is in Piccadilly I think we’re going stay in the general area and hop on a short tube train to Waterloo and venture around the Queens Walk by the Thames. It’s a part of London that neither of us have been too before and I guess I’m keen to finally get a glimpse of the infamous London eye.

My daughter is a huge Lego fan so a trip to the Lego Store in Leicester Square is a must! Getting her out will be another thing. Maybe I can entice her with the M&M store? She adores those crispy M&Ms {weirdo!}.

We would also love to find a quaint & quirky place to eat {any suggestions?} and we’re just looking forward to enjoying a day out together. We don’t do it much and she is just growing up so insanely fast that it would be pretty amazing to spend some actual one on one time with her. And I think a girly afternoon in London would be perfect.

So…Roll on London!



  1. 16/03/2017 / 9:32 AM

    I do love London so much, and miss living up in town. learning to enjoy the City with a toddler is a new experience but it’s beginning to be great fun. My daughter loves the train journey up to Waterloo. All my old haunts which i wouldn’t recommended to you are probably not that Child friendly. Our credentials for places to eat now revolve around speed, space for her to roam and non eye rolling staff when she causes chaos. I tend to head to the food markets at Southbank straight out the station to boost her blood sugar before venturing into the City. #brilliantblogposts

    • 16/03/2017 / 11:06 AM

      I love the sound of the food markets!! Thanks for the tip {and for popping by!} x

  2. 16/03/2017 / 1:45 PM

    I love London and I am really tempted to go to the britmums live this year just to get to go to London. I probably know it better than Dublin to be honest.

    • 16/03/2017 / 3:45 PM

      Haha, that’s insane. Knowing London better than Dublin. As for BML live this year? It’s just not for me. It’s changed so much and not for the better either in my opinion which is such a shame , as I loved it for the last three years running.

  3. 16/03/2017 / 9:27 PM

    You’re going to have such a lovely time together in London. As we live in London we are so fortunate to have so much on our doorstep but as we all know, when it’s all here you don’t do it so much. I used to be one of those people who dawdled when I first moved here 20 years ogo but now I can’t get past the dawdlers fast enough – I guess it becomes ingrained in you. Have a great time #brillblogposts

  4. 19/03/2017 / 6:22 PM

    I’ve been to London about three times since Christmas and everytime i’ve been there have been major queues to get into the Lego shop so just a warning on that front! There is a Bubba Gump Shrimp restaurant that plays Forest Gump. Its brilliant! #Brilliantblogposts

    • 20/03/2017 / 9:14 AM

      Yes, the queues! Haha! I was quite surprised actually and even when you’re in there it was so hard to actually see anything properly due to being so bunged. We also passed the Bubba Gump Shrimp restaurant! haha!

  5. 20/03/2017 / 11:18 AM

    We bought tube tickets and did a pop up tour of London for the day, literally popping up at almost every station and seeing the landmarks. It was tiring but well worth it!

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