Planning an attic conversion

Having an attic conversion has always been a dream of mine. It’s not one of the easiest jobs {or cheapest} to accomplish but the results can be amazing. Our current home isn’t ours, we rent; however planning an attic conversion isn’t something we’d do unless we owned our own home. 

The state of our attic at the moment isn’t drastic; it needs to be insulated {for starters} and a little more flooring added to the beams and I think that makes for a good plain canvas to work on.

Currently, it’s a storage place for everything holiday related e.g. suitcases, Christmas decorations, Christmas tree, Halloween bits & old toys still needing to be given to charity. But I have this vision of it being so much more that just somewhere to store everything we don’t need at that particular time.

The attic is the length of the house, in fact, it’s pretty spacious. Enough to have it made into a secret place for the children to play, or make it into a gaming den for my husband and his friends. Perhaps even make it into a she-roof space for me when I need to work in peace and we could even make it into another bedroom. My eldest daughter will need one eventually, in fact, she’s wishing she had her own bedroom right now! So perhaps that’s a front-runner for what the attic conversion could actually be made into.

Obviously, she’ll need to have a skylight or two fitted {this is where it gets costly} however I’m loving the idea of having roof lanterns instead {or as well}, I haven’t quite decided. But can you imagine being able to lie in bed & being able to watch the rain trickle down the glass or even lie back and watch the stars in the night sky? It sounds like utter perfection to me and I know my daughter would love it.

roof lanterns
I have a vision people and maybe one day {hopefully sooner rather than later} we can make my dream attic conversion a reality for my eldest girl. In fact, if she had a roof lantern I reckon I’d be sharing with her. This Mama wants to see the stars too!

Have you got dreams of an attic conversion or recently finished one?

D xx

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