National Anti-Bullying week #BeABuddy

Bullying is a dilemma that the whole nation, in fact, the world needs to open their eyes too. It happens every day to all kinds of people; woman, men, children…and with videos shared on social media today it just makes you sick to your stomach. Something needs to be done about it, right?

To mark this year’s National Anti-Bullying week, Cartoon Network has teamed up with Childline, the NSPCC’s leading UK helpline for children and young people, to launch CN Buddy Network. A nationwide initiative which helps kids and young people take positive action against bullying and it offers immediate access to professional advice, relevant tips and support tools online at

CN Buddy network

Did you know that over the last ten years bullying has been marked as the main reason for Childline counselling in children has young as 11 {and even under!}. A shocking 24% of all Childline counselling sessions in 2015/16 were bullying related.

As part of the launch of the CN Buddy network, Cartoon Network has shared an original series of animated shorts voiced by children who, in their own words, craft positive messages around friendship, school and appreciating differences.

Here’s just one of them; {you can find the other two here & here}.

Dame Esther Rantzen, the President of Childline said: “Bullying, whether it occurs online or in person, can have a devastating impact on young people. It can affect their confidence, their work, leave them feeling isolated and friendless, and even make them feel life is not worth living. That’s why Childline is delighted to be partnering with Cartoon Network to support their anti-bullying campaign, CN Buddy Network.”

CN Buddy network

I was once that 11yr old child, being bullied in school. I’ve also been that school girl to lose two friends to suicide due to being bullied. I also have an 11yr old daughter who has {sadly} experienced the torment of being bullied in her final Primary school years {Primary 6 & 7}; which has also carried on into her first year of high school {same bullies}. However, we’re dealing with it.

Anti-bullying week is between 14-18 November 2016, and remember if you’re being bullied….it’s not OK and it’s not your fault. Be brave, speak out and tell someone what is happening. 

Be a Buddy not a bully.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post. 


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