Paper Mario, Colour Splash for the Nintendo Wii U

Like all of the other Mario games that we know and love, Paper Mario Colour splash is pretty different because imagine a land of Mario & friends made entirely of paper.

The story begins on a dark stormy night when Mario receives a knock on his door and to his surprise, it’s Princess Peach. Princess Peach is pretty sad because she hands Mario a folded up piece of paper that appears to be a blank Toad, completely drained of colour.

paper mario colour splash review
Once Mario notices that the blank toad was sent from Prism Island, they head off in search for the sender only they find Prism Island is being drained off all its colour. With the help of Huey, a typical talking paint can who will spill all the deets and goings on.

paper mario colour splash review
Throughout the game you’ll encounter slurp guys {mini shy guys from Mario Kart!} who are using straws to suck all of the colours out of the island. Your job, with your trusty new paint hammer, is to bash and splash colour back into the island and to save the toads.

paper mario colour splash review

The storyline for this game is pretty fun, the graphics look very cool and the whole aura of the game is very appealing. There are lots of puzzles, paper style, to figure out and solve as well as being able to use battle cards to beat up baddies and bosses all while collecting paint stars too. 

The kids really enjoyed solving the fun puzzles throughout Paper Mario Colour splash and especially appreciated the ability to use the cut-out technique with tricky puzzles to get flatten the 3D world into a single sheet of paper. They also enjoyed giving colourless spots or blank toads a wallop to give them colour again.

There are lots of enjoyable aspects to this game and even though we’ve yet to complete it the kids are really enjoying it and the storyline is a lovely one too. A sure-fire fun game to play and complete together as a family, or at least, it’s how we play it anyway! 😉 

Disclosure: As a Nintendo Family blogger I was gifted this game for the purpose of my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.  


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